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Posted on 05-28-17 10:05 PM, in melonDS UI (rev. 3 of 05-28-17 10:09 PM) Link | #166

I really hope you won't be taking to heart suggestions to stop UI design development on standalone altogether or any development outside of what could be useful for Retroarch. The command lines are still there for frontend users and maybe keeping an alternate barebones menu-less mode for them the way it is right now could satisfy their needs. But UI development shouldn't stagnate the way it is right now just because of that. That's really limiting the scope of this project's potential and an awful idea all around.

For regular use cases (playing games), I suggest something as flexible (or more) as No$Zoomer.
The sub-screens may be either independant (allowing for dual monitor gameplay) or in the same window with many options (horizontal, vertical w/ or without separator, or single screen - first two options may also have ratios for one subscreen bigger than the other, adjusting the position of the subscreens and filling the extra useless space w/ some static or scrolling bitmap background).

One more thing, thinking forwards, is that DSi Camera emulation possibly in the future could require a third subscreen showing the webcam input, so you'd have a big subscreen and two smaller subscreens fitting nicely. IDeaS tried this, but it would be cool to see this concept fulfilling its potential finally with something working. You could use that extra subscreen for:
- the logging console
- the solar sensor status for lunar legends (j) version
- the cheat engine (Snes9X search for cheats in "active" mode), or for watching addresses
- vram viewers for tile memory, 3D, OAM / BG arrangements, a translucent hex editor... Basically, a competent debugger on a non-buggy emulator like NO$GBA. Of course, especially traces and breakpoints and disassemblers (something like the one on PPSSPP) would be a godsend too.

For the menus, something like PPSSPP with ideas from the Dolphin game library (in "same window as game render" option, since DS has too many screens as it is already), which you can switch back and forth using a dedicated pause hotkey (that could act optionally like a close lid key as a side effect, but should not be the only way to close the lid), could be elegant.
I can see many parameters set up in that view:
- the Slot-2 GBA cartridge used, if any
- whether the game boots in TWL or DSI mode
- language, and DS model (backlight/iQue/etc)

Posted on 05-28-17 10:21 PM, in Sneak peeks of melonDS 0.3 Link | #167
This is awesome.
This game has been picking up my interest for a while (Animal Crossing clones, what's not to love?) and I'd love to play it on something other than real hardware. Furthermore, hopefully this gives pause to people slinging shit on other emulators to make a certain one seem more "accurate" than it is, whether it has bugs or not. It's unbelievable how many late gen releases are marred with emulation problems - the Pokemon Typing game can't even save.

Posted on 06-04-17 08:21 PM, in melonDS 0.3 (rev. 2 of 06-04-17 08:25 PM) Link | #178
Picross 3D looks better than ever!
Wonderful release, and new local wifi developments sound really nice.

Anticipating 0.4 and its new UI, whatever it may look like.

Posted on 07-23-17 10:32 PM, in GBA emulation Link | #273
Just loading old save data from GBA SRAM via Slot-2, and maybe Boktai 4 using the solar sensor if a Boktai 1/2/3 cart is in Slot-2.
Those would be enough.

Posted on 07-23-17 10:41 PM, in melonDS 0.6 TODO list (rev. 2 of 07-23-17 10:42 PM) Link | #274
I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass' multiplayer mode for the first time ever (for some reason the childhood acquaintances with whom I would be playing local multi hated Nintendo and Zelda games), it disconnected not too long after but that was something.
I tried Jump Ultimate Stars and Super Mario 64 DS but they give the same BSID error. Those 0.5 plans make me really happy.

Can't wait, even if it's far away enough, for this emulator to cover the DS base well enough for DSi mode to be at least considered or attempted. Its crypto stuff is preliminary work by Nintendo for what they would do with the 3DS, but still not what would be too much effort for what it's worth.

Main - Posts by dingdongdell3

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