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Posted on 09-15-20 05:54 PM, in I cant start a gba rom on melonDs Link | #2335
The GBA cartridge must be inserted before booting, or it will not be detected (as on real hardware).

Posted on 09-15-20 10:38 PM, in GBAtek addendum/errata Link | #2336
Rumble pak detection needs bit 6 set in addition to bit 1 reset (GBAtek only mentions bit 1).
Found empirically:

Posted on 11-13-20 09:09 PM, in GBA Slot help for pokemon Link | #2748
1. GBA ROM and save files have to be in the same directory and have the same name, otherwise the save file will be ignored. This only matters for some situations like migration.
2. GBA cartridge has to be inserted (ROM loaded) before the system boots up. The best way to make sure that is the case is to disable the "boot game directly" option or start the system before loading a DS ROM and confirm that the system detects a GBA game inserted.

If you are fast enough you can load the GBA ROM after the DS one before it boots, or you can stop and restart the system so it detects the cartridge after loading both.
If I remember correctly the CLI will also accept a file name for a GBA ROM after a DS one and load both.

Posted on 11-13-20 09:39 PM, in GBA Slot help for pokemon (rev. 2 of 11-13-20 09:44 PM) Link | #2750
Drag-and-drop seems broken in a recent version, but loading the GBA ROM before the DS one works fine for me with direct boot enabled in the 0.9 release.
You have to change the filter to "GBA" or "All files" to find the ROM in the file select menu.

Posted on 05-20-21 03:41 AM, in can someone give me dsi bios and firmware and nand files? Link | #3750
Let it be known that I appreciate the Chinese very much.

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