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Posted on 04-07-17 02:05 PM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks Link | #64
Hi everyone,

So, I really like this emulator, even from the alpha stage. But the problem is: How does one build it from Code:Blocks in Windows? I already linked WxWidgets and SDL2. It's giving me 4 errors on GCC and 1 fatal error in VC++ 2015.

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Posted on 04-07-17 02:14 PM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks (rev. 2 of 04-07-17 02:14 PM) Link | #66
GCC compiler gives me these errors:

Posted on 04-07-17 02:53 PM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks (rev. 2 of 04-07-17 03:54 PM) Link | #68
Okay, so after a long time (because I'm a noob in Linux), two more errors now.
Note: building in mingw32.

EDIT: It's building now! But even for advanced users like me, this building is still very hard. It should be easier with CMake instead. (You are doing this, right?)

Posted on 04-07-17 03:58 PM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks Link | #70
Still errors? C'mon... I don't even know what to do now...

Posted on 04-08-17 05:46 AM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks Link | #77
How many errors can I get?

Thanks Nadia, with these commands it finally built the .exe file. But then it asked for a lot of .dll files. I found them all in /mingw64/bin, but another error then happens:

Posted on 04-08-17 01:43 PM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks Link | #80
It asks for libgcc_s_seh-1.dll, then wxbase30u_gcc_custom.dll and finally wxmsw30u_core_gcc_custom.dll. Then it gives me the error. Doesn't it compile these .dlls after building?

I found them all in /mingw64/bin

Posted on 04-08-17 06:22 PM, in Building melonDS in Windows with Code:Blocks Link | #82

It's working now! Thank you Nadia!

But a suggestion from me is to start using CMake, I mean, that was very hard to build.

Posted on 06-23-17 07:45 AM, in Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Black 2 crashing the emulator. Link | #233
Pokemon Black 2 (or White 2) run fine for me, but Platinum stays stuck on a white screen. The BIOS and firmware dumps are OK.

Posted on 07-20-17 09:34 AM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #267
Just some compatibility testing coming through.

Tested on: melonDS 0.4, Core i3-6100@3.7 GHz, Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, 6 GB RAM.

Pokemon Platinum (U) - Works just fine. Usually having stable 60 FPS.
Pokemon Heart Gold (U) - Same as Platinum.
Pokemon White (U) - Hangs between 45 and 55 FPS. Some graphics are glitched.
Pokemon Black 2 (U) - Same as White.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team (U) - Flawless. No graphical glitches or slowdowns.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky (U) - Usually 60 FPS. Sound can sometimes be skipped when entering a new area. Fails to save.
Super Mario 64 DS (U) - Another flawless.
New Super Mario Bros. (U) - Flawless.
Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story (U) - Flawless.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (all 3 games) (U) - Flawless.
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (U) - Stays usually at 60 FPS, but there are slowdowns.
Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney Investigations (U) - Flawless.
Chrono Trigger (U) - Flawless, but has some sound issues.

Posted on 07-30-17 08:38 AM, in melonDS 0.4 Link | #286
Your bios7 and bios9 have a extension of .rom, but it's supposed to be .bin.

Posted on 12-22-17 05:36 PM, in Problem Saving Link | #472
I reported this issue a long time ago, and never got any response ever since.

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