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Posted on 03-30-17 03:12 AM, in melonDS 0.1 Link | #5
Hey, congrats on the first release! Just downloaded and will be playing around with some random games to see how it performs.

I'm wondering, from your perspective, if there is anything you'd like tested in particular? Are you looking for bug reports or is it too early for that? Just interested in helping development if I'm able :)

Posted on 03-30-17 03:47 AM, in melonDS 0.1 Link | #9
Alrighty, first feedback incoming.

  • Sonic Rush - Playable. Didn't notice any problems except the framerate doesn't seem 100% stable. Part of that is the lack of vsync though. It's too early to really rate performance/smoothness without vsync I think. There needs to be a 'gap' setting between the 2 screens or they don't line up correctly.
  • Meteos - Playable.
  • Megaman ZX - Loads, shows developer logos then hangs on black screen
  • Metroid Prime Pinball - Playable. Needs screen gap as I mentioned above.
  • Kirby Canvas Curse - Playable
  • Trace Memory - Playable.
  • Front Mission 1 - Playable. Shows 50 fps, most other games show near 60fps. Can't verify if performance is actually bad because the game doesn't really have fast scrolling.
  • Zelda Phantom Hourglass - Playable
  • Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow - Playable. Text corruption during intro. Runs very slow (30-40fps)

Generally speaking, it would be nice to have .zip support. I loaded up my zip files in the file browser (though it might work?) and MelonDS just crashes without letting you know it can't accept zips.

When you pause, it stretches the game windows to the entire window size regardless of DS aspect ratio.

Testing on Win 7 64-bit, i5-3570k + R9 290.

Posted on 03-30-17 08:09 PM, in melonDS 0.1 Link | #20
Second batch of compatibility feedback:
  • Advance Wars Dual Strike - Playable. Poor framerate during overhead map sections. Battle sections have good framerate.
  • Metroid Prime Hunters - Unplayable. Game loads ok but after choosing a save slot, the game hangs with the in-game error "The data could not be read. Please turn off the power and reinsert the game card". So some problem with save files I guess?
  • Yoshi's Island DS - Playable
  • Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - Playable. Framerate seems very dependent on background content (simple backgrounds = 60fps)
  • Diddy Kong Racing - Playable
  • Hotel Dusk Room 215: Playable. Obviously needs screen rotation to play comfortably. Weird green flashing during intro.
  • Lunar Knights - Playable. Overhead map doesn't look correct, is lacking background. Dialogs in town lack character sprites. Actual isometric gameplay looks and runs ok though.

Posted on 04-06-17 12:29 AM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #49
Having a compatibility list on the forum is a good idea, but I think we should start a compatibility wiki instead. I'm not too sure how to start that though - anyone have experience starting a wiki?

Posted on 04-08-17 04:25 AM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #75
Just IMO but rather than fit everything into a single chart as that wiki page shows, I think something like Dolphin's wiki where every game has it's own page is a better (and more future-proof) approach. PCSX2 uses this too.

Posted on 04-13-17 10:50 PM, in melonDS 0.2, coming soon Link | #92
zip support?

Main - Posts by jeremynsl

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