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Posted on 07-08-22 10:52 PM, in Running melonDS core in RetroArch, Communication Error at Launch of Pokemon Soul Silver (rev. 2 of 07-08-22 10:54 PM) Link | #5408
Retroarch is just out of date compared to upstream, this was fixed a while ago there. The onus is on Retroarch folks to pull upstream fixes.

To workaround this, you could simply just provide official firmware instead of relying on internally generated firmware (which is what's bugged here).

Posted on 07-10-22 10:18 PM, in Running melonDS core in RetroArch, Communication Error at Launch of Pokemon Soul Silver (rev. 2 of 07-10-22 10:18 PM) Link | #5411
You probably have old hacked firmware which would have issues on real hardware too. Using your own dump would probably fix this.

Posted on 07-23-22 09:23 PM, in Order of Ecclesia - Softlock after intro fmv. (RESOLVED) Link | #5432
The issue is with a very old implementation of "fake firmware" which doesn't have proper WiFi info, which freaks a lot of games out when they try to read that. This has been fixed upstream for a long while, but Libretro hasn't pulled in those fixes (and the onus is on them to do it, as it's not an official version).

Easy enough workaround is to just use real firmware.

Posted on 08-21-22 07:10 PM, in Ingame saving in Pokemon SoulSilver doesnt work on SteamDeck (EmuDeck) (rev. 2 of 08-21-22 07:11 PM) Link | #5493
The issue is due to an old implementation of fake firmware. The newest versions of melonDS do not have this issue. I believe EmuDeck uses Retroarch's melonDS? Which is unofficial and using an old melonDS version which has this issue. You can workaround it simply by using real firmware.

Posted on 10-19-22 01:41 AM, in Build Error (ECM) (rev. 2 of 10-19-22 01:42 AM) Link | #5598
That just means you don't have ECM installed. If you're on some Debian/Ubuntu distro then doing sudo apt install extra-cmake-modules should fix it (if you're on some other distro the package is probably called extra-cmake-modules).

Posted on 11-21-22 07:05 AM, in On the compatibility with GBA Link | #5651
The DS has an entire GBA bundled in it. For melonDS to support GBA games, it would practically need to make a brand new GBA emulator. At which point, just use a dedicated GBA emulator like mGBA.

Posted on 02-21-23 12:14 AM, in can i use softrasterizer as the main renderer? Link | #5855
Config -> Video settings -> 3D Renderer -> Software

It's enabled by default.

Posted on 02-24-23 07:36 PM, in i am using 9.5 GBA Slot does not work Link | #5870
You need to use official BIOS files, the builtin free ones will not work.

Posted on 03-04-23 09:24 PM, in Need help trying to run melonDS on Windows Link | #5889
melonDS does work on 32 bit systems infact (you would have to build it yourself, and you will not get the JIT which is arch specific / only available for x64 or ARM64). Although if you have a truly 32 bit CPU, then you frankly will not run melonDS at full speed.

Posted on 05-07-23 03:02 AM, in Emulator caps at 30 fps when using opengl renderer? Link | #5981
The OpenGL renderer is a bit more intensive than the software renderer (if you compare both at 1x).

Capping at 30 FPS sounds more like some VSync being enforced if anything. Also if this is a laptop, plug it in.

Posted on 05-08-23 09:41 AM, in (0.9.5/Windows x64) [DS/Europe/Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix] 3D environment fails to re Link | #5985
This is just standard "OpenGL renderer sucks" issues, as the OpenGL renderer is just not very accurate.

Posted on 08-16-23 05:34 PM, in Pokemon Heartgold 30fps lock Link | #6179
If this is a laptop, make sure it is plugged in.

Posted on 11-23-23 09:29 PM, in Start and select buttons not working Link | #6321

Posted on 11-27-23 06:01 AM, in Missing(?) features on Windwos from the Android version (rev. 2 of 11-27-23 06:01 AM) Link | #6324
The "Android version" is unofficial so any features there have no guarantee to be on the official versions and vice versa.

Main - Posts by CasualPokePlayer

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