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Posted on 04-03-17 09:15 AM, in melonDS 0.1 Link | #34
Oh boy I just read the release update.

here's a quick test run of Chrono Trigger:

- average ~55fps, totally unnoticeable in a low-res sprite game, feels silky smooth

- controls are tight and responsive, no discernible delay at all.

- white flash on both screens when fading into character naming menu

- Crono lingers on the floor a little too long after colliding with Marle in cutscene at the millennial fair.

- Marle spins around on the teleporter for way too long during cutscene at the teleporter.

- The "gates" fail to show during the same cutscene, Crono flashes instead of having a gradient-like effect. This is the only thing that seemed starkly wrong.

- Mode7 renders correctly during time travel scene.


- Enemies successfully disintegrate when killed

- Correct outline on characters when given status effects (or at least, white for slow).

- Saving worked, nothing seemed wrong after loading.

If it wasn't for the Gate and I didn't know this game through and through, this would have seemed flawless. Already better than the PS1 version of this game.


Posted on 04-05-17 07:38 AM, in melonDS 0.1 Link | #46
from what I read, the DRM simply checks the save RAM size. if melonDS detects the size properly (or is given an existing save file with the right size), it will properly redirect out-of-bounds accesses to the save memory.

Huh that's interesting, I guess I was probably confusing it with Chrono Cross' DRM which took ages to solve (and needed a ppf patch at first). Not sure what the issue was though, it just hung when using the teleporter in the intro. ePSXe had an entire hotkey to counter it (F7 IIRC, now used to switch to it's software plugin).


But anyway tested a few more:

A fantasy Harvest Moon: Rune factory

- Runs well, around ~50 fps.

- the little anime opening runs fine, if only at half the fps as the rest of the game

- When the screen darkens when your talking to someone the colours in the darkened areas get messed up.

- Sometimes the colour mess when talking can be from a previous transition, here you can make out a house, I was nowhere near that house, the house shown was from a previous transition when I was near the house. Memory or Cache Issue?

Ace Attorney Investigations - Miles Edgeworth

- Runs alright in general, <40fps, 55 during the intro

- A few graphical glitches when screens pan. Example 1, Example 2

- the 3d models when examining render correctly, and I can move them around as normal, but it won't let me examine them (though the cursor works), I select the barrel of the revolver for instance and it doesn't activate the resulting cutscene. It seems to have no clue where on the model I'm selecting and the game softlocks.

Dragon Quest V - Hand of the Heavenly Bride

- Fails to run, once it managed to get to the newgame/load menu and even to the character naming screen but it won't go any further. plays at ~30 fps.

- also took a while to load what it did.

Main - Posts by enhasiac

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