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Posted on 10-25-18 04:57 AM, in Communication Tests (rev. 14 of 10-30-18 01:34 PM) Link | #689
Updated: I'm making it now a compatibility thread for both local multiplayer and wi-fi.

Playability states:
Perfect(connect with no issues)
Good(connect with minor issues)
Bad(connect with several issues)
Very Bad(players can see each other but that's it)
Impossible(players don't even connect)
Inexistent(the game doesn't have wi-fi capabilities)
Untested(game is yet to be tested)

The Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks
Local:Good / Wi-Fi: Inexistent

The Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass
Local:Bad(seems to be a timing issue) / Wi-Fi: Untested

Medarot DS - Kabuto ver.
Local:Perfect / Wi-Fi: Untested

Pokemon Conquest
Local:Good / Wi-Fi: Inexistent(for multiplayer)

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
Local:Bad(Trade works, but that's it. Seems to be a timing issue) / Wi-Fi: Perfect

Pokemon Black/Black 2
Local:Bad(Trade works, but that's it. Seems to be a timing issue) / Wi-Fi: Perfect(even Xtransceiver works!)

Sonic Colors
Local:Perfect / Wi-Fi: Untested

Lunar Knight
Local:Perfect / Wi-Fi: Inexistent

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Local:Perfect / Wi-Fi: Good

Mario Kart DS
Local:Very bad (Connection fail when you try to join a group) / Wi-Fi: Perfect

Megaman Starforce 3(Tested by SiGMA and Sorer)
Local:Untested / Wi-Fi: Perfect

Gonna test more games later on, and if anyone is interested feel free to contribute
Some suggestions to test: (Like MMBN5DT, MMSF1 and 2,Pokémon BW2, etc.)
Be aware that different wi-fi serves can get different results(like Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing not working on Kaeru WFC for example). Always consult the server's site for more info.

Posted on 10-25-18 06:55 PM, in Communication Tests (rev. 3 of 10-25-18 06:57 PM) Link | #692
[image] [image]
Some screenshots from the console when I was testing Pokémon BW. Hope it has some clue on what's happening.

Posted on 10-26-18 08:17 AM, in Communication Tests (rev. 12 of 10-28-18 09:52 AM) Link | #694
I Didn't exactly was surprised the Pokémon games aren't working. Years ago, when Nintendo WFC was still alive, I managed to get most games to work on desmume's wi-fi. However some of them(Like Pokémon D/P/Pt/HG/SS/B/W/B2/W2 and YGO WCS) never worked properly. Anyways, great job with the emulator, besides pokemon, EVERY game I tested have it's ad-hoc working. Pokémon games however, will be way more difficult to do so. Probably it has something to do with the data loss from client to host direction.

Tested Pokemon BW again with the 0.7 ver, still same results. However I managed to make it work once at least.
here the screenshots: (put it on an imgur album, since the spoiler option on the site is not working properly)
I was able to battle for a little bit but then i wasn't able to continue it( after the 4th turn i guess). It was still connected but it didn't gave none of the instances of the emulator the option to select a move afterwards. The issue maybe lost packets from client to host or maybe its the different framerate between the two instances(back in the day, on Nintendo WFC, the framerates used to change far it would go).

Update 2:
Seems that the framerate really does change the result, look at this picture from when I was testing Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Whenever I selected the client, the signal got weak(mostly because the drop on the fps of the first instance). However, this doesn't seems to happen when I select the first instance(that also make the second instance drop on fps). Also, another interesting detail, if I try to use multiplayer(local or wi-fi) the emulator will ALWAYS crash if the second ethernet adapter disabled.

Posted on 10-27-18 10:35 AM, in MelonDS speed (rev. 2 of 10-27-18 10:35 AM) Link | #696
I asking because I just noticed that now. Melon runs slow in my pc but I always though it was because my processor was weak, however I just noticed that it barely use 60% from it! Is there any reason why this is happening?

Posted on 10-27-18 10:43 AM, in MelonDS speed (rev. 2 of 10-27-18 10:43 AM) Link | #698
My processor is a dual core AMD Phenom II X2 555. Is this processor strong enough?

Posted on 10-27-18 10:49 AM, in MelonDS speed (rev. 3 of 10-27-18 10:50 AM) Link | #701
The core speed is 3,2GHz. Is it possible for the videoboard to be the culprit?

Posted on 10-27-18 07:49 PM, in melonDS 0.7 Link | #711
Where are the config settings in Appdata for Melon? I'm not finding it anywhere.

Posted on 10-28-18 12:33 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #715
But playing the way the emulator is right isn't giving any lag? I remember that when I used to play desmume wi-fi, it used to lag on me.(sometimes just a little bit, sometimes alot).

Posted on 10-28-18 12:37 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #717
It's hard to find someone on altwfc since it got all those complicated steps that are hard to understand for non-advanced users. Back in the day, when I first tested it, I didn't found any player aswell(except for pokemon trades, these are pretty common even now).

Posted on 10-28-18 12:44 AM, in Non-local wifi (rev. 2 of 10-28-18 12:45 AM) Link | #719
Fine by me, just gonna check if I still have any of these roms(lost many of them on my old hard drive). But i'm not confident since i'm not being able to reach 60fps in any game for some reason. My cpu is AMD Phenom II X2 555 3,2GHz.
Gotta a question tho, is there any discord server for this emulator?

Posted on 10-28-18 12:53 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #721
One thing that can certainly improve the emulator, as an optinal feature is make it able to redirect to altwfc without needing any rom patch/cheat code.

Posted on 10-28-18 12:58 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #723
It doesn't need to be a one server-only feature. That feature would certain be beneficial to non-advanced users.

Posted on 10-28-18 04:49 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #725
tested Sonic & Sega All-Star racing on wi-fi mode with Peejay, however it was giving this weird bug
Peejay however got no problems when he tried playing with someone who was using a 3DS.

(post deleted) #734

Posted on 10-30-18 01:37 PM, in Communication Tests Link | #736
Tested Xtransceiver today(MelonDS - Real 3DS) and it seems to works, camera refresh rate is bad tho, and the sound seems choppy. Still impressive tho.

Posted on 11-02-18 11:44 AM, in GBA Slot (rev. 2 of 11-02-18 11:45 AM) Link | #737
Would it be possible to add GBA Slot support in near future? I think that it would be a good feature to add if you have time, since some games use it:

Posted on 03-19-19 04:04 AM, in Save differences Link | #905
The only difference between melonDS saves and desmume's one is the save data footer at the end of the file? Or is there something more?
Also, if there are ANYTHING wrong with the save( a changed byte in the middle of it) does the save will load or not?

Posted on 03-19-19 04:07 AM, in Struggling w/loading .sav to melonDS Link | #906
apparently you can load it on melon just by removing the desmume savedata footer on the save file by using a hex editor(like HxDptb).

Posted on 03-19-19 12:12 PM, in Struggling w/loading .sav to melonDS Link | #909
Ah I see. Sorry for my ignorance.

Posted on 03-19-19 12:56 PM, in Desmume pokemon BW aspect Link | #911
Whenever I load my save on Desmume this shows up on console: "MC9: Unverified Backuo Memory command: 08 from (Insert random adress here)". Any idea why this happens? I don't know if this happens on MelonDS tho, since it doesn't have a console anymore.
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