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Posted on 01-13-18 07:25 AM, in melonDS 0.6 Link | #497
I have to say, I had no knowledge of this emulator until literally a few weeks prior to posting this, but it completely blew me away at how accurate it is and how quickly it is growing. Congratulations to StapleButter for this incredible piece of software. I'll keep a close eye on this forum from now on and help with compatibility reports should I come across any incorrect emulation behaviors.

Posted on 01-13-18 06:14 PM, in Non-local wifi Link | #498
Will non-local wifi eventually work without relying on external software and become a transparent process, completely integrated into the code?

Posted on 01-13-18 06:41 PM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #499
Each game would get its own page, not every game shoved into the chart. The chart on my wiki is specifically for different instances from different users with software/hardware specs for other users to compare with, as well as for which version the instance was tested with.

I agree. It is how Dolphin and Citra keeps track of bugs, performance changes and regressions.

Main - Posts by Red_Soul

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