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Posted on 05-11-21 07:31 AM, in The wifi thread Link | #3702
You don't need any patchers for wimmfi now.

The DNS is:
For secondary:

Plus, you can access it with MelonDS.
You can check game's players currently online with this link.

Works, i tested it myself on Melon.

Posted on 05-21-21 12:30 PM, in Temporary fix for quick local multi? Link | #3761
Hey, i just wanted to say that you can trade easily.
Some people had a problem, that you can't do local multiplayer things.
(for example receiving MKDS ghosts)
1. Set the fast forward hotkey to the same button (i think controller is needed)
2. Start, here for example, trading MKDS ghosts.
3. Hold the fast forward button and spamclick both MelonDS windows.
4. Should work!

For proof, here's a photo.


Have a great day!
PS: I couldn't connect for longer than 15 sec.

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Main - Posts by GeymBoy

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