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Posted on 12-21-17 08:28 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #470
Can i have a compiled version for win 10 x64.
I tried to compile with Codeblocks with no success

Posted on 10-12-18 12:40 PM, in Fix compiling for Windows Link | #673
I tried compiling this emulator for my windows pc with codeblocks
and it didnt work.
Is there something i need to do?

Posted on 10-12-18 12:43 PM, in melonDS successfully compiled for Mac Link | #674
But how to compile for Windows?
Thats what i tried and couldn't make it work.

Posted on 10-18-18 07:20 PM, in Compilation errors on Windows Link | #684
It should work now thank you StapleButter.

Posted on 10-19-18 01:30 PM, in No Access Point in Range (rev. 3 of 10-19-18 01:39 PM) Link | #686
For some reason i am the only one that can make it work over the ethernet.
You either get error 52000 or Melonds crashes (tried with other players over ethernet).
BTW I know there is a way for it to work over wireless connection - you need to bridge the connection
using TAP.
PCSX2 also have a plugin that uses winsocks/winpcap too :
Maybe looking into the code can help.

Posted on 10-25-18 06:00 PM, in Communication Tests Link | #690
I tested online multiplayer instead.
Currently Mario Kart DS is working pretty well but with minor lags here and there.
I will test more games and report back.

Posted on 10-28-18 05:57 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #726
Does that means MelonDS vs MelonDS works good?
I only tried MelonDS to a DS/3DS

Posted on 10-28-18 08:50 AM, in Non-local wifi (rev. 3 of 10-28-18 08:51 AM) Link | #727
So I found out something that is being used with Reicast which is a Dreamcast emulator.
They use this library instead of using PCAP for online modem multi-player.
It removes the dependency on port forwarding and Ethernet adapters.
Maybe it can be used for MelonDS I am only giving ideas.

Posted on 10-28-18 10:00 AM, in MelonDS speed Link | #728
The problem with AMD CPU's is that they generally have low single thread perfomannce which is important for emulation (if you have Vega you are fine though).

Posted on 10-29-18 07:28 AM, in Non-local wifi (rev. 3 of 10-29-18 07:31 AM) Link | #733
If you put multiple instances of MKDS and play them online they will work as intended.
Here's some videos :
I guess this can replace local Wi-Fi for now.

Posted on 11-03-18 04:25 PM, in 3DS Wi-Fi settings/firmware of the DS mode Link | #739
Is it possible to dump?
If so what tool do i need to use.

Posted on 11-06-18 01:13 PM, in Non-local wifi (rev. 2 of 11-06-18 01:36 PM) Link | #746
I made a MelonDS pack that can be used to play online and is beginner friendly.
It contains everything you need.!IA5R3QwS!AST-AYcHWvmofUnIVSp3ZaHXhLQNPA4x8FAdwP5NAXs
This is the source for the build i use for non laptops : (This way i wont violate the GPL license)
It was made by SIGMA.
Have fun.

Posted on 12-14-18 03:09 PM, in 7.1 Test Thread Link | #812
AMD CPUs pre-Ryzen have such a low single thread performance you never gonna fully enjoy emulators that are CPU-bound.

Posted on 01-09-19 03:47 PM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #851
Even after all the recent speed-ups in the emulator , Mortal Kombat is reallyyy slow.
30 FPS in-game.
I can run many other 3D games full speed so this is weird as this is a 2D game mostly.

Posted on 01-09-19 04:12 PM, in Question about gba/ds rng (rev. 3 of 01-09-19 04:14 PM) Link | #852
Something I always noted about save states in pre-Gen IV games - in battles , if you use a save state the battle AI may change occasionally.
In Gen IV and later , this won't effect how the AI behave.
I only tried that using Desmume so I don't know if the same occurs on MelonDS as well.

Posted on 01-09-19 07:57 PM, in Can melonDS trade Pokemon with a physical DS? Link | #853
If you figure out how NWFC works with MelonDS you could trade/battle over WiFi.

Posted on 02-17-19 10:29 PM, in 52000 (rev. 2 of 02-17-19 10:31 PM) Link | #872
Try to use this for now!D3A3RK5I!a_1L6aGSZLZs5QSMTbS7Hxb65uC0fbxTeyr8vgq2Lp0
(unless I talked to you in Discord before lol) .
I posted the source code for it before so I am not violating GPL I hope.

Posted on 02-22-19 07:24 PM, in 52000 (rev. 2 of 02-22-19 07:24 PM) Link | #877
Posted by Dfx98
No. I'm using Ethernet. Any info besides what I have written that you need for helping me?
I'm Windows 10 and my router is a Pavilon HP starwars edition. My router is Linksys E900
Firmware version 1.0.05
I have installed the WinPCap and I think done all the right steps. Don't know what the problem is
I have disabled Wifi in control panel. I'll show you captures.

I sent you a PM i hope it helps you.

Posted on 03-09-19 09:50 AM, in No wireless adapter with melonDS Link | #891
You need to install npcap with winpcap API compatibility mode enabled.
Or wait for melonDS next version that should remove the use winpcap for the non-direct mode.

Posted on 03-26-19 04:44 AM, in Error Code 52000 Link | #916
If you gonna use non-direct mode it only works with Wiimmfi's DNS(not kaeru) for now.
For direct-mode you need npcap installed with winpcap API compatibility mode enabled in the installation options.
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