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Posted on 12-21-18 09:54 PM Link | #822
Download Link for v0.1 (Windows x86_64)

This program will grab some save files from DeSmuME and "convert" them to .sav so they can be used on melonDS. In reality all that's done is truncate the little bit of extra text they have at the end but whatever it still counts. It also has a batch file so if you happen to have a lot of saves from a lot of games you can just run it and it'll convert them all.

This was literally made in an afternoon by a beginner programmer so it's really bare-bones. But hey, everyone starts coding somewhere I guess. I'll probably add more stuff later if need be. Bug reports, suggestions, complaints and everything in-between are welcome.

Posted on 12-21-18 11:03 PM Link | #823
This is neat! There's actually a little more going on than you claim, since DeSmuME puts their saves in a completely different file format, .dsv. I'd be happy to help you test it with some of my save files once I get a chance.

Posted on 12-21-18 11:47 PM Link | #824
well if simply truncating a bit a the end works, I guess it really isn't a very different format.

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 12-21-18 11:49 PM Link | #825
That's fair, but it's still a little something more than he gave himself credit for

Posted on 04-27-19 01:22 PM Link | #1032
Thank you for this tool! Will try it out.

Posted on 05-07-19 02:44 PM Link | #1036
also: DeSmuME has an 'Export backup memory' option which achieves the same result.

but, ofc, you might have gotten a .dsv without having DeSmuME, so, yeah


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