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PeeJay Bonobo
Posted on 10-28-18 12:47 AM Link | #720
None that I know of, but if you want to add me directly on Discord, do a search on "PJB#9437"

Posted on 10-28-18 12:53 AM Link | #721
One thing that can certainly improve the emulator, as an optinal feature is make it able to redirect to altwfc without needing any rom patch/cheat code.

PeeJay Bonobo
Posted on 10-28-18 12:54 AM Link | #722
Posted by Wifall
One thing that can certainly improve the emulator, as an optinal feature is make it able to redirect to altwfc without needing any rom patch/cheat code.

Kinda pointless since Wiimmfi now supports some DS games.

Posted on 10-28-18 12:58 AM Link | #723
It doesn't need to be a one server-only feature. That feature would certain be beneficial to non-advanced users.

Posted on 10-28-18 02:54 AM Link | #724
we have an IRC channel., #melonDS

Discord is bad and can go fuck itself.


Posted on 10-28-18 04:49 AM Link | #725
tested Sonic & Sega All-Star racing on wi-fi mode with Peejay, however it was giving this weird bug
Peejay however got no problems when he tried playing with someone who was using a 3DS.

Posted on 10-28-18 05:57 AM Link | #726
Does that means MelonDS vs MelonDS works good?
I only tried MelonDS to a DS/3DS

Posted on 10-28-18 08:50 AM (rev. 3 of 10-28-18 08:51 AM) Link | #727
So I found out something that is being used with Reicast which is a Dreamcast emulator.
They use this library instead of using PCAP for online modem multi-player.
It removes the dependency on port forwarding and Ethernet adapters.
Maybe it can be used for MelonDS I am only giving ideas.

Posted on 10-28-18 06:19 PM Link | #731
Thank you for showing me that line StapleButter, I downloaded the source and changed it from alldevs->next to alldevs and it works completely fine on my desktop. I was able to connect to AltWFC without any problems quite quickly.

I used Mega Man Star Force 3 (The JP version since it's better for netplay purposes it seems) to play against Sorer who was also on melonDS. Apart from the fact that the game runs somewhat slow (51-54 FPS) due to there not being any hardware rendering, it ran extremely well online and I am very impressed.

Posted on 10-29-18 07:28 AM (rev. 3 of 10-29-18 07:31 AM) Link | #733
If you put multiple instances of MKDS and play them online they will work as intended.
Here's some videos :
I guess this can replace local Wi-Fi for now.

Posted on 11-06-18 11:31 AM Link | #744
Tested out Mega Man Star Force 3 online, and apart from the only other issue being the fact it needs hardware rendering and a decently strong CPU to run it at 60FPS online, it worked extremely well. I still had some FPS drops here and there since I was recording at high settings but overall it was at 60FPS for me:

Given how extremely new the online Wi-Fi is, this is extremely impressive. I almost cried a tear of joy when I saw how fast the game loads up when it finds a new player, I remember having to suffer through an extremely long load time when trying it out on DesMume.

Posted on 11-06-18 01:13 PM (rev. 2 of 11-06-18 01:36 PM) Link | #746
I made a MelonDS pack that can be used to play online and is beginner friendly.
It contains everything you need.!IA5R3QwS!AST-AYcHWvmofUnIVSp3ZaHXhLQNPA4x8FAdwP5NAXs
This is the source for the build i use for non laptops : (This way i wont violate the GPL license)
It was made by SIGMA.
Have fun.

Posted on 11-18-18 09:28 PM Link | #753
I suppose given the fact that this feature is still extremely experimental, certain problems are bound to happen.

Today I tried to play a match of Megaman Starforce 3 on AltWFC servers vs two people and for some reason, even though we've done all the correct steps to set it up, the two of them weren't able to find me but they were able to find each other.

What's weird is that I could still fight other people without any problems apart from those two. But again, I suppose that's to be expected.
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