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Posted on 09-30-21 12:03 AM Link | #4516
I have a request for developers, I know there is a screen swap function, but it would be very helpful to have a screen toggle as well. In citra for instance I can show the top screen huge and the bottom screen really small, and also set a hot key to toggle the screens from big to small, so I can see map details etc. Basically being able to switch the size of the screens so you can quickly look at a map in say Castlevania and toggle back to the gameplay. I don't know if that's possible but figured I would throw that out there.

Posted on 11-17-23 02:24 PM Link | #6314
Currently playing dawn of sorrow and I second this request. Also the ability to output each screen to a separate monitor. I assume this is not nearly as trivial to implement, but it would be an awesome feature.

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Posted on 03-14-24 03:03 PM Link | #6480
I would like to express my support for this feature request. Also on Mario Kart DS a hotkey for a screen toggle would be great.
Basically I find myself always switching between two modes, 'Emphasize top' and 'Top only' (currently under config, screen sizing).
It would be amazing if switching between different screen modes could be toggled with a hotkey!


Main - Development - Feature request - Screen toggle Hide post layouts | New reply

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