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Posted on 11-20-23 10:19 AM Link | #6316
I'm asking here cause people like Arisotura have programmed for it.

There are roughly 3 components capable of good graphics: The Teak-lite-II (only on DSi, on the 3DS it's for sound only iirc), the Pica200 (3D/general graphics) and the (LGY) legacy DS 2D engine.

Now let me take you to one of my favourite DS games, I ripped the DSi bins of: RPG TKOOL DS (&DS+). It's a rpg maker that like a lot of DS games make use of the 2D engine, cause RPGs consist out of tiles. The successor on the 3DS (RPG Maker FES) is obvious in potential re-use of the code and design. Both games have the same tilesize of 24x24 (for the DS/GBA 2D engine/PPU that's 3x3=9 tiles of 8x8).
But how, cause I thought the Legacy 2D engine was only used in DS mode.

So the question is, do 3DS games use the DS hardware, or the Pica200 exclusively.

If yes, my next question is: does it have a third separate PPU for the other eye, like the Virtual Boy seems to have.

Posted on 11-20-23 10:50 AM Link | #6317
I'm not sure what you're asking about?

on the 3DS, you have to use the PICA200 to render any graphics (or write directly to the LCD framebuffers). afaik the legacy 2D engines are only available in DS mode.

it might be possible to use the DSP to perform rendering, with the right hardware setup, but I haven't explored this possibility at all so far.


Main - General chatter - Who knows how the 3DS 2D engine works? Hide post layouts | New reply

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