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Posted on 12-20-18 12:27 AM (rev. 3 of 12-20-18 12:28 AM) Link | #818
I can save diamond and pearl no problem, but not heart gold or soul silver, it just blue screens and then when I check the .sav file is only 5 kb.. I can only save and load .ml1 files when I save-state...

also to note, Im a demume noob, and I havent emulated for a few years, so melonDS is new to me. I noticed the game saves are in the rom location folder rather than a special folder like desmume used to do with "battery"

Posted on 12-22-18 02:50 AM (rev. 5 of 12-22-18 07:23 PM) Link | #826
As per
I was able to get around in Black 2 by downloading a .sav file. Might also work by creating a file of exactly 512 KB?
I haven't checked HeartGold but I imagine something similar will work. Note that in B2 I had to press Up+Select+B at the start to "delete" the existing save file and allow me to save once I had started a new game.

melonDS 0.7.2, downloaded today
I also tried downloading romlist.bin from github and replacing the existing one.

Is this an issue with the savetype? Is there a way to manually choose a savetype?

I also can't save in Heart Gold:

Error saving data.
The backup memory has failed.
The game may be played, but it is impossible to save.

Please turn off the power.

Similar issue in Black 2 on New Game

The save data could not be accessed.

Please turn off the power
and reinsert the DS card.

Posted on 01-03-19 04:26 PM Link | #839

So I thought this worked (in Black 2) because the game was allowing me to save, but I was actually only use savestates throughout to progress through the game. However, once I beat the elite four the first time and credits roll/game saves, I now get this message when trying to start a game:

The save file will be erased due to corruption or damage.

I tried the following:
- Disabled separate save files
- Deleted (moved) all my save files + savestates except the most recent save state
- Put a working Black 2 .sav file into the directory with the rom and named it correctly
- Verified that when the game saved at the end it overwrote this file

And I get the same error. So I am unable to progress to the post-game part. Any suggestions are welcome.

Posted on 01-03-19 05:27 PM Link | #840
Fixed my corruption issue by loading the (final automatic save after beating E4) in pokegen, making no edits, but saving-as in pokegen. I was able to load pokegen-created save with no issues.

Posted on 09-05-23 08:13 AM Link | #6202

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