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Posted on 08-11-23 09:24 PM Link | #6162
Ehi, I'm trying to play with some friends in LAN at Pokemon (as a lot of other people), but after spending the entire day tinkering with different solutions, I was unable to do it. I read that the version 1.0 should solve these problems, but I feel that I'm very close to make it work and I guess that making the point here in a thread could help (me and other people).

My current setup:

- I installed RiiConnect24 and MelonDS in two Windows 10 laptops

- I am running the same ROM (Pokemon Soulsilver) in both PCs. Both emulators are currently in a pokemon center with the local battle unlocked

First I tried enabling the WFC connection (in the ROM main manu) but I got the 20110 error. Thus now I run RiiConnect24 in both laptops before starting the emulators, then I "Erase the Nintendo WFC Configuration Setting" and set up the DNS of each laptop. With this setup, the connection is working and the small icon that shows the "connection strength" has 3 bars over 3 (perfect connection).

The problem is that when I try to connect for a battle in-game (i.e. by speaking at the girl to the right of the upper floor of the Pokemon center, selecting host for one firstly and client in the other one), the client never finds the host and the small icon that shows the "connection strength" is red with no connection.

This setup is the only one that enable the WFC connection (yay) but fails just so close to the goal.

Am I missing a crucial step or is this without a solution at the moment?

Thank you a lot for the support and the hard work with this awesome emulator!

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