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Posted on 07-29-23 12:12 PM Link | #6128
Short story long: I booted my Pearl file after connecting some Sapphire ROM I just downloaded and the emulator acknowledges that I have indeed conntected a GBA rom, but it doesn't seem like the game itself wants to acknowledge its existence. I checked the GBA slot, it says I am connected to Sapphire, but neither that one Pal Park NPC who gives you stuff based on which GBA game you have connected nor the tall grass seem to be aware of it (massive skill issue on their part fr)

TL;DR: Does the Sapphire ROM need an actual save file in order for the dongle method to work?

Posted on 07-29-23 12:44 PM Link | #6129
yeah smfh wtf is wrong with this shit fr??

the problem is that the built in free bios has skill issues and doesn't work with DS/GBA communication so tbh you're gonna have to yeet it and get a real one from a DS for this to work

Posted on 07-31-23 11:44 AM Link | #6139
Do you think it could work in a future update or something like that?

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