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Posted on 01-01-22 05:08 PM Link | #4896



How to write an emulator
1. throw code to be emulated somewhere
2. make memory system that allows accessing that code
3. emulate CPU
4. have fun implementing all the other hardware
-- Arisotura, Tuesday 5th January 2021, 22:00:17

Posted on 01-05-22 10:25 PM Link | #4899
If im playing a game with ds download play how can I get a normal ds lite to download the game from the emulator?
Im sorry if that makes no sense.

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 01-05-22 11:23 PM Link | #4900
no, for two reasons: 1. without special peripherals computers cannot send signals which the DS can pickup for local wireless. 2. melonDS (and pretty much all emulators) don't execute things in the same way as a DS. Emulators run a single frame as fast as possible and then wait the difference between what the frame should take (usually ~1/60 of a second) and what it took to compute it. On a real DS though a frame takes well always exactly one frame to calculate.

Take me to your heart / never let me go!

"clearly you need to mow more lawns and buy a better pc" - Hydr8gon

Posted on 01-12-22 09:21 PM Link | #4919
ive seen a few posts and replies on the topic, but is there a way in the switch homebrew version to integrate action replay cheats? And if it is available, how do i add them?

Posted on 01-06-23 11:16 PM Link | #5756
Can you please add more hotkey functions to the next update such as prioritize bottom and prioritize top, etc.? Love the work you all are doing btw!

Posted on 02-23-23 06:30 PM Link | #5862
Do you know how to upload and play mods for roms on Mac? I've been trying to play the Newer SMB mod for a while now and I have the files but I just dont know how properly load them into the rom to play it?

Posted on 05-11-23 02:07 PM Link | #5991
What game did you have in mind to emulate when you made MelonDS?

Posted on 11-28-23 02:32 AM Link | #6326
Can you please make Melon DS support having both screens as seperate windows?

Posted on 12-03-23 10:31 AM Link | #6333
What StarBlade requested here is actually my number 1 wish for this emulator (there's that and a hotkey for rotating both screens).

Posted on 12-30-23 06:53 AM Link | #6372
would you consider supporting/incorporating/branching-out to other third-party softwares to help play certain games?
One such program I found useful in playing Metroid Prime: Hunters was a program called "DS-mouse-input-fix" and other programs to translate the DS's quirks would be very useful.


Posted on 01-18-24 06:28 PM Link | #6404
I was wondering if there's an easier way besides mouse controls for Melon DS to use stylus controls. I played a stylus heavy game but it was difficult. Any ideas on how to make this easier?

Posted on 04-20-24 05:38 PM Link | #6552
Well ok


Posted on 04-24-24 04:27 PM Link | #6563
Do y'all have a discord server or smth like that ?
Cause i am interested to be an active member and i also have a ton of questions

Posted on 04-24-24 04:38 PM Link | #6564
yup! see this thread:


Posted on 04-24-24 06:17 PM Link | #6565
thx u buddy
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