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Posted on 01-25-23 02:24 AM Link | #5795
Trying to run any game with OpenGL results in it running perfectly well... right up until any 3D model has to be rendered. If it's on the bottom screen, the entire bottom screen runs away and the top screen stretches to cover up where the bottom screen was previously. If it's on the top screen, the top screen becomes super low res and small. The issue persists until you restart the app, or switch graphics mode. 2D-only games work.

This is happening on an old Fujitsu lifebook, so crappy i3 with even crappier onboard graphics. I'm wondering if MelonDS uses DirectX in any capacity, because this thing is janky as hell with DirectX. dxdiag supposes that it currently has DX12, but the hardware specifications claim that it supports up to 11, BUT some(and I do only mean SOME!) DX11 applications claim it only has DX10. I have no clue what I've done to get here.

Software mode works "fine" even with "OpenGL Display" ticked. I've got no idea what causes this.

Sorry if I forget to check this thread for replies, I'm not a forum kinda guy :D

Main - Compatibility / Testing - OpenGL 3D weirdness Hide post layouts | New reply

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