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Posted on 01-24-23 08:53 AM Link | #5793
hi everyone!!!

this is probably obvious for more experienced emu users so if you’re like me and this is one of your first experiences here’s how i fixed my audio issues

recently downloaded melonDS and joined the forum. im inexperienced with all kinds of tech and especially file management, id be a wreck without faqs/tutorials !!

when i first launched a game in the emu the audio was so distorted and was essentially a cacophony of all of the sounds mixed together. super tinny, stuttering, and slow.

i didn’t realize that the issue was frame rate. if you followed a tutorial on downloading melonDS that’s all good because I did as well however the one i used recommended changing the visual settings. explaining that it would look better if you changed the graphics, to x4 or more of the original. i did this, and yes, the resolution was far better, but the audio was absolutely awful. disabling frame rate and audio sync helped but wasn’t enough.

when i settled on x2 which my pc could handle fine, i was confused when the audio was still horrible—i enabled the framerate limiter and now instead of chipmunk sounds it’s synced fine with the video and my frame rate rarely drops. x3 also works but i noticed more demanding games drops the framerate and causes audio issues again, so x2 is my setting for now.

that’s all, just struggled to find an answer until I coincidentally changed that setting—just wanted to post something that could potentially help others :)

Main - General - audio issues and possible fix (my experience) Hide post layouts | New reply

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