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Posted on 01-01-21 01:51 PM (rev. 2 of 01-01-21 01:53 PM) Link | #3065
Hi! I am aware that someone else who's been active on here for a while has offered it before, but i could also help with translating texts into German or proofread already translated ones just to make sure. I can't program but I've been speaking both German and English since i was 4 if that accounts for anything!

My mail is
My secondary discord is Baquackna#8073 (as my primary has a profane username i wouldn't broadcast on a public website lmao)

I'm on indefinite sick leave due to disability so i can usually work whenever I'm needed, or at least as soon as possible if not immediately.

Posted on 04-20-21 06:10 PM Link | #3604
I can contribute to the Spanish translation.
I'm available most of the time if my ISP hasn't gone partying.

You can find me on discord as RickyMV#0215
And my email is

If I don't reply on time is because either I'm busy on something or I've got disconnected from the world.

(post deleted) #4359

Posted on 10-06-21 05:30 PM Link | #4543
I'm not sure if you still need a dutch translator, but I'm willing to help.

I'm generally pretty available, especially from monday to thursday, from 9 AM to 4 PM CET.

If you wish to contact me, Dont bother e-mailing me, I rarely check my email. However, you can add my discord and PM me, I almost always respond immediately there.
I like being fancy so click here to find my discord.


(post deleted) #4586

Posted on 11-18-21 04:54 AM Link | #4741
Hello, I want to help with Korean translation.

I have been involved in many other similar types of translation work.
Since melonDS is a pretty good emulator, I want to help Koreans use it more comfortably.

I check my e-mail frequently, so please contact me by e-mail.

Posted on 11-18-21 06:01 PM Link | #4742
hey i would like to translate melonDS to german

Posted on 01-23-22 07:47 PM Link | #4948
I doubt translation's gonna happen anytime soon, but I could help with Spanish. (I'd distinguish Spain but not like it matters a lot for UI lol)

I'm currently in the Kuribo64 Discord server so I can be contacted that way. Just in case though:
  • twitter: @patataofcourse
  • discord: @patataofcourse#5556

they/she/xe :))))))))))))))

Posted on 04-30-22 03:35 PM Link | #5193
Hey, I can help with translation to Czech, my mother tongue.
Discord: Satella#4031 (this one I check more often/notifications dont get silenced)
CET Timezone availability but generally flexible, unavailble mostly between 1am and 8am.

Posted on 05-08-22 08:11 PM Link | #5206
1. I can translate melonDS into italian language
2. I'm available almost all the time
3. Discord: LoryCave#0399

Posted on 09-06-22 12:41 AM Link | #5523
Posted by ari
I can do Greek
I won't lie, technical terms don't translate very well, and I would be using my fair share of Google translate, but I'm fluent in terms of sentence structure. Availability isn't an issue, winter break is coming up, and I hang around the forum for updates anyway, so maintenance long term is fine. Plus I'm a big fan of the emulator, and of your work.
email is

I can also help, fluent in greek

Posted on 10-01-22 01:51 PM Link | #5559
I have been translating simplified Chinese melonDS for some time
If a multi-lingual melonDS is released, simplified Chinese should be easy to do

Posted on 11-02-22 06:33 AM Link | #5613
Can I exchange 3ds and melons?
If you can, please tell me how

Posted on 10-18-23 12:12 AM Link | #6260
Hey hey, im up to translate to Polish. Hit me up on discord, I'm available all the time, bedridden due to sickness, haha. Same nickname as here.

Posted on 02-25-24 11:01 PM Link | #6460
I could translate the melonDS into Japanese. It would be cool!

Justin the melonDS fan
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