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Posted on 03-02-18 01:37 AM Link | #548
Hey guys, I was wondering if MelonDS will ever be supported by Mac. I mainly want to play Nds games with my friends and we all have Macs. There aren't too many good emulators for Mac (DeSuMe being the best Nds emulator, Openemu for a wide spectrum of games) and it would be really great to have an Nds emulator with wifi capabilities.

Posted on 03-02-18 02:55 AM Link | #550
I say stick with desmume for now. MelonDS still has emulation problems and the wifi is the same as desmume for now. Once melonds has fixed the core emulation problems, add in extra capabilities, and other basic stuff, then just export all your saves as .sav using the export backup save feature on desmume and move to melonds. While there is a way to get melonds on mac (, I haven't tried it cause I don't have a mac and it could run worse than it already does. However it's all really your choice on whether you would wait or not.

Posted on 03-03-18 01:45 AM Link | #551
Ok thx, I'm probably going to wait until they are more reliable. I might test it, but wont play on it in case something happens

Posted on 03-03-18 07:55 PM Link | #554
melonds is already available to mac users
Posted by Nadia
You can actually build melonDS for the Mac, it should work if you do this:

- Make sure you have the C/C++ build tools installed, you can do that by running clang in the terminal, it'll ask if you want to install them if you don't have them already
- Install homebrew
- Run brew install cmake gtk+3 sdl2 gettext
- Clone the melonDS repository: git clone
- cd to the melonDS directory, create a build directory in it and cd into it
- Run LDFLAGS=/usr/local/opt/gettext/lib CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/opt/gettext/include cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
- Then make -j5

If it succeeds you should end up with a 'melonDS' binary in the build directory that should work. It'll be using the GTK+ toolkit so system integration is basically not a thing, but it should be functional and let you emulate your games :)

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Main - General - Is MelonDS going to be available to Mac users? Hide post layouts | New reply

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