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Posted on 08-26-22 06:25 PM (rev. 2 of 08-26-22 06:27 PM) Link | #5500
Hey guys and gals.

I've been following the development of MelonDS purely for DSiWare emulation and it seems to be mature enough now for it to replace nocash for me. Thanks for all your amazing work!

I was wondering if in the future it would be possible to add options and hotkeys for:

-Save states hotkey: I personally like to set the save/load keys to F5/F7, and slot selection to 0-9.

-An incremental screenshot option and hotkey. To take native "framebuffer" screenshots so it doesn't capture the on-screen-display messages.

-A way to incrementally decrease/increase the speed of the game. Right now there's a fastforward/turbo option, which is good. In other emus there's the option to press the -/+ keys to decrease or increase the speed in 50% chunks and something like that would be great. Also good to slowdown the games in difficult parts!

There's another one, but I think it might not be possible: is there's such thing as graphic layers in DS games? If so, an option to disable layers would be great for sprite-ripping!

That's all and thanks for reading.

Main - Development - [Request] Some more options and hotkeys Hide post layouts | New reply

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