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Posted on 01-30-21 01:05 AM (rev. 2 of 01-30-21 01:19 AM) Link | #3220
When I made this, I was thinking about how if you turn the melonDS logo upright, it could work as a macOS 11 Big Sur icon. So, I made my own imitation of the melonDS logo and Big Sur's design language to make this:


I made it using Inkscape. It's not a legendary icon for the ages, but I wanted to give it texture and make it colorful, so that when you see it, it 1) looks like a Big Sur app, and 2) makes you think about the fun you may or may not have with it.

You may judge it here. I'd be amazed it if the devs maybe stole it from me :3 considered it seriously. If it doesn't fit the intended aesthetic, or if it seems petty (which it probably might seem), I get that.

EDIT: I also tested it out by actually changing melonDS's icon on my Mac, if you want to see what it looks like on the Dock, I can post screenshots. (I went all out for this....)

Posted on 02-19-21 07:00 PM (rev. 2 of 02-23-21 07:28 PM) Link | #3324
9.5/10, it looks super clean!
Just make the logo diagonal again and that's easily a 10/10 from me

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Posted on 05-09-22 12:18 AM Link | #5212
Making the logo diagonal would break the macOS HIG by making the icon look out-of-place, bu'yeah!

Posted on 05-09-22 10:52 AM Link | #5213
id say that having it diagonal is what really makes it stand out as a logo , even though i dont use mac it helps me identify it on my desktop seeing as most of my other programs are all square upright icons , other than that it sorta just fits the feel of melonds in a way , if that makes sense

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Main - General chatter - I made a dream melonDS icon...... Hide post layouts | New reply

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