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Posted on 12-22-21 02:40 PM Link | #4860
So me and my friend have been trying to get the online system to work in pokemon black2/white2, but there is a point in the connection process where it kind of crashes.
We are able to get into the wifi club as it's called in the game. From there we are able to see each other but when we try to request a battle it tries to connect and one of us gets kicked after a minute and the other gets a communication error. We have tried this both ways and everytime we get the same result, it doesn't matter who requests it.

I have seen a post from a while back talking about the same problem, but didn't see an answer to why this is happening. I was wondering if there is a fix for this yet or what's the latest on this.

Posted on 01-17-22 01:40 PM Link | #4930
The Generation 5 Pokemon games are known to have issues regarding saving and wireless communications. For the time being, it is recommended to use savestates for saving the game, as well as avoiding the use of wireless communications. Trading can be mimicked using Pokehax or other save modifier tools. I dont know if any other options exist.

Posted on 01-17-22 02:29 PM Link | #4933
Actually, save-states are only useful when trying to save the game from a soft-lock, disabling the C-Gear avoid the soft-lock. This happens due to melonDS still not emulating the power saving properly. While the Wi-Fi works fine, however some ISPs blocks specific ports that the DS needs resulting on this, check if melonDS is allowed through the firewall. If it's either the router or the ISP, you can try to circumvent using melonDS in direct mode (admin mode is necessary for this).

Posted on 01-18-22 03:16 PM Link | #4936
If you are using indirect mode , try to use Warp/ VPN , I know it helps against closed ports and people behind CGNAT etc.

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