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Posted on 01-08-18 02:40 AM Link | #489
As far as I understood, wifi emulation only works between 2 instances of the emulator. Is not possible to run the emulator and use the wifi adaptor of the computer to connect to a real DS, right? :(

Posted on 01-08-18 02:42 AM Link | #490
WiFi emulation already requires extremely tight timings. You'd need special hardware in order to connect with a real DS.

Posted on 01-08-18 03:02 AM Link | #491
You'd need a very specific wifi card that supports:

* RF monitor (RFMON) mode (reading all wifi traffic without having to be connected to an access point)
* packet injection (sending arbitrary packets)
* full control, not tampering with sent/received packets (some wifi cards will automatically fill in certain fields of packet headers)

I'm actually tempted to try it, but I'd need to find such a wifi card. Also, I worry about latency induced by OS/driver/etc abstraction layers. We might even need bare metal access to get anything working; for example the DS wifi hardware sends IRQs when beginning to receive a packet and when it's done, which allows software to do processing before the packet is fully received. On the other hand, typical network drivers will only notify you once the packet is fully received. Which induces latency because we have to emulate the packet reception time.

Maybe we can do something with a raspi for example.


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