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Posted on 12-23-21 08:45 PM (rev. 3 of 12-23-21 08:48 PM) Link | #4873
First off, thank you to all the developers for this amazing emulator! You guys are what keep gaming alive for everyone, and you provide an immeasurable value to the world. Open source projects like this are beautiful and provide for the future. By allowing people to playing games, you keep the games alive, and you keep a part of video game history alive.

I had an idea. Would it be possible to add an auto-save feature for melonDS that creates a Save State every X amount of minutes? Where X could be an interval the user sets.

I'm playing Pokemon Black using melonDS core on Delta for iOS and melonDS standalone for Windows. I've ran into a few bugs that are probably avoidable, but each time I lost progress. I now compulsively save the game state, but I wish there was an automated way to do this to remove the anxiety.

Feature 1: Auto-save game state every [X] minutes.

Feature 2: Add at 2-10 auto-save slots, separate from manual save state slots.

Feature 3: Auto-save game on emulator pause. This auto-save always saves on slot 1, so it doesn't overwrite the timeline of auto-save backups already made. This way there is always a guaranteed timeline of backups at different snapshots to go through. (This feature would combine nicely with the current "Pause emulation when window not in focus" option.)

Main - Development - Auto-save after X minutes [Feature Request] Hide post layouts | New reply

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