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Posted on 10-18-21 12:08 PM Link | #4593
I'm mainly wondering if dsiware are working with melonDS as of now or if they will be in the future

Posted on 10-18-21 12:17 PM Link | #4594
they should already be working, but they need to be installed in the NAND


Posted on 10-18-21 03:57 PM Link | #4595
if you have DSiware files that you have aqquired losely. There is an alternative way to install them. Heres how.
1) Make sure MelonDS is in DSi mode. You will need access to the NAND files for any install to succeed.
2) Copy your DSi Ware titles to a folder on your desktop. You need to be able to find the file esily.
3) Open MelonDS, then under System, select Manage DSi Titles. (Image 1)
4) Select Import Title.
5) Select Browse for the executable file path. navigate to your DSi-ware title and select it. Supported file formats are .app, .nds, .dsi and .srl
6) If you dont have a proper Title-ID. You will need to provide your own metadata file. Select TMD from file and navigate to the .TMD file for the app. (Image 2) Always use this option if a metadata file came with the DSi-ware.
7) Click OK. if you did things right, your new installed title will show up on the list. You can now proceed to boot into the DSi Firmware.

as far as I know MelonDS can emulate all DSi-ware titles with the exception of those that heavily rely on the camera. I hope this helps
if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to respond immediately.

-External links.
Image 1
Image 2

--My signature broke, so here is a temporary one. I'm stupid. So ignore this if I'm wrong.

Posted on 08-10-23 09:48 PM Link | #6157
Thank you for explaining this <3 lots of outdated info on DSIWare out there

Posted on 08-11-23 10:06 AM Link | #6159
What is NAND?
I have the Dsiware zips and I have MelonDs.
How exactly do I set up Dsiware on MelonDs? This is very confusing for me; is NAND something I need to download? I have all my Roms in a file labeled: Roms. It works fine for other Roms and emulators but Dsiware is not working.
I did try enabling Dsiware on MelonDs but I couldn't figure it out. Everything I read online mentions NAND but I don't know what that is.
Please help. Many thanks

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