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Posted on 11-20-17 01:36 AM Link | #427
I know this is another problem i have but when i try to do local wifi with NSMB, which is proven to work, it doesn't for me. It stays stuck on the "Finding Mario/Luigi" screen. Is there something I'm doing wrong. And yes, I tried turning off and on the wifi setting.

Posted on 11-20-17 11:42 PM Link | #428
You need to have 2 instances of melonDS running, if it wasn't already the case.

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Posted on 12-12-17 10:53 PM (rev. 2 of 12-12-17 10:54 PM) Link | #442
I think its because I'm not using true linux - It's in a chrooted environment through chromeos.

Posted on 12-13-17 12:01 AM Link | #443
That probably is the issue.

But yeah, you need to have 2 windows running at once.

Posted on 12-13-17 01:48 AM Link | #444
I changed over to using galliumOS, which gives you a full linux environment rather than a chroot, and it works now :P. So yeah using a chroot doesn't work.

Posted on 12-13-17 04:01 AM Link | #445
Most likely because the melonDS instances get sandboxed and are unable to communicate with eachother.

I guess the ideal way of simulating local multiplayer would be doing it like NO$GBA, where you tell it to emulate 2/3/4 consoles and communications are handled internally instead of using sockets and blasting things over the network.


Main - General - How do you get wifi working? Hide post layouts | New reply

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