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Posted on 08-31-21 06:20 AM (rev. 2 of 08-31-21 06:21 AM) Link | #4377

While playing Treasure of Montezuma, I noticed how not convenient it is to always allow back button to display melonds ingame.
I have the smartphone set on fullscreen, today you can have either classic bottom buttons, or fullscreen mode : when it's the case, there is no buttons back/home/applisting, but instead you swipe the screen left or right to the inside to go back.

As a result, everytime I wanna swap two stones in tihs match-3 game, I often do the back functionality by accident, and display the melonds ingame menu, very annoying >-<
A suggestion would be to add an option to disable the back functionality of the phone, as the Pause button already offers the possibility to open melonds ingame menu :)

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 08-31-21 06:22 AM Link | #4378
are you using melonDS for android? If that's the case this is the wrong place to give feedback, since we don't maintain this port. I would rather look here:

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Main - Development - Suggestion : lock screen option Hide post layouts | New reply

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