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Posted on 08-24-21 03:25 PM Link | #4339
I have been looking for a emulator with online functions so i can play my Pictochat dump. This emulator is in beta testing, but i don't mind. I recently found out that they released it for Google Play, but now looking to it, i think this is a virus... Does not require much storage, early access... Can anybody tell me?

Posted on 08-24-21 03:26 PM Link | #4340
we aren't in charge of the Android version of melonDS. but I don't think it's a virus.


Posted on 08-24-21 03:28 PM Link | #4341
It's not a virus for sure, it's open-source so, if there was any malicious code, people would be quick to spot it. And not requiring much storage is actually a good sign lol

Posted on 08-24-21 03:31 PM Link | #4342
It's not a virus and I don't know why you would think it is one. It's in early access because it's not finished and it's small because emulators don't tend to be particularly big. That said, the unofficial Android port has no online support yet and even if it did melonDS doesn't yet support online local multiplayer, which would be required for online pictochat.

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Posted on 08-24-21 03:40 PM (rev. 3 of 08-24-21 04:00 PM) Link | #4343
idk about the thing that online thing isn't there, but, people somehow can still use online on the android version.

idk anything about it, but the thing is made by rafaelvcaetano. i hope the link also helps.

Also, people say that you HAVE to patch the rom to connect to the MelonAP.

Posted on 08-24-21 04:02 PM Link | #4344
Wrong. You don't have to patch the ROM for that. You only have to patch the ROM if you want to connect the game to an alternate WFC server that does not use nds-constraint.

Posted on 08-24-21 04:03 PM (rev. 2 of 08-24-21 04:04 PM) Link | #4345

But still, is it safe to download the emulator for android?

Posted on 08-24-21 04:06 PM Link | #4346
It's safe, I downloaded it myself.

Posted on 08-24-21 04:07 PM Link | #4347
Oh, so i can download it?

Posted on 08-24-21 04:08 PM Link | #4348

Posted on 08-24-21 04:09 PM Link | #4349
You sure?

Posted on 08-24-21 04:11 PM Link | #4350
yeah, just make sure to download it here

Posted on 08-24-21 04:13 PM Link | #4351
kk, thanks

Posted on 03-03-24 04:39 AM Link | #6464
I am gonna ask this once MelonDS a virus? cause when i was playing pokemon black it said the game is not responding and turnt off my laptop and turnt it back on immediately 4-5 seconds after

Posted on 03-03-24 07:09 AM Link | #6465
it is not

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Posted on 04-11-24 09:43 PM Link | #6523
It's an actual thing, and it works great!
Though I wish I knew if it gets updated on Google play. I have no idea what version I have.


Posted on 05-08-24 07:26 PM Link | #6601
I know google play and github


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