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Posted on 07-22-21 12:30 AM Link | #4088
Hi, I'm new to the whole DS emulation thing and was attempting to get the most accurate emulation experience to original hardware I could which led me to the path of MelonDS. I'm using the current core on RetroArch for my DS ROMs but have experienced a few minor issues here and there with some games I'm familiar with. The primary one is the wrong tone for audio/music in games like the Castlevanias, Phoenix Wright, and Chrono Trigger, it all plays at a lower pitch than the actual track. Also a weird issue that I haven't seen elsewhere in Phoenix Wright Trials & Tribulations where the cut-in closeup of Phoenix with the blue background appears for a second before it should, and then the text and sound/music continue right afterwards instead of going all together like it should. Anyone know how to solve these? Definitely not game breaking issues but just weird inconsistencies I noticed since I'm familiar with most of the games I've seen these issues pop up in. Thanks

Posted on 07-22-21 06:32 AM Link | #4089

We don't develop nor support the RetroArch core. It's better to ask them.
Do these issues occur with the melonDS standalone?


How to write an emulator
1. throw code to be emulated somewhere
2. make memory system that allows accessing that code
3. emulate CPU
4. have fun implementing all the other hardware
-- Arisotura, Tuesday 5th January 2021, 22:00:17

Main - Compatibility / Testing - MelonDS on RetroArch - sound and lag issues New reply

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