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Posted on 04-21-17 10:29 PM (rev. 2 of 04-21-17 10:30 PM) Link | #100
Hi! I'm poudink, a NSMB hacker. I registered here because melonDS seems like a very promising emulator.
EDIT: Post ID 100!

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 04-21-17 10:30 PM Link | #101
Well, welcome aboard! :D


Posted on 04-21-17 11:11 PM Link | #102
Hi, I'm Nadia (AKA nhp in some places), I've pretty much been following the melonDS project since the beginning :)

Posted on 04-22-17 12:13 PM Link | #103
*cough* Hey.

You probably know me as that weirdo you find in the comment section.

Also, it's naknow everywhere. It's never not naknow. :P

Posted on 04-25-17 01:59 AM Link | #112

I'm Darqfalls.

That's about it.

Nice place you got here.

Posted on 04-26-17 04:05 PM Link | #118
Hi. You know me already. Bye.

Posted on 04-27-17 08:37 AM Link | #119
I don't know you.

In fact, the only thing I know about you is that both posts I've seen you make are painful as all hell to look at. Could you please just use normal text?

Nice place you got here.

Posted on 04-27-17 02:50 PM Link | #122
you can go to his profile and block his layout, that does the job.


Posted on 04-29-17 10:38 PM Link | #130
Hello! It's a me-Ndymario!

Posted on 06-15-17 09:13 PM Link | #195
Hi. That's my introduction.

Hoping to play wiimmfi in the future version of melonDS!

Posted on 06-16-17 04:06 PM Link | #198
welcome aboard :)


Posted on 06-16-17 04:43 PM Link | #199
Good day everyone, Svenchu here!
I'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts saga, and I'm hyped by the fact that MelonDS might allow to have the first KH game with playable multiplayer on emulator!!!
Also I loved how the DS was a curious console hardware-wise, I programed some little games for it when I was younger and I'm interested in emulation in general. ^_^

Posted on 06-30-17 04:26 PM Link | #247
Alola all. I am the great alolan squirtle. This is a promising emulator shame we cant pictochat with real ds's though.

I did not know that a melon can emulate a ds

Posted on 07-03-17 12:47 PM Link | #248
Hello, I'm StarTrekVoyager and I'm everywhere :V


Posted on 07-14-17 06:06 PM Link | #255
Hi. I like vim. This is some introduction text. Here is some more.

Posted on 07-16-17 01:07 AM Link | #256
welcome aboard :P


Posted on 08-10-17 02:25 PM Link | #310
Hi there! I'm Ririshi, stumbled upon melonDS while searching for a WiFi compatible NDS emu. Still haven't figured out how to actually use it, but that's why I signed up here anyways. I'll be sticking around these parts for the coming time :)

Amy Scarlett
Posted on 10-02-17 12:24 PM Link | #361
Hey there, Amy Scarlet here~

also known as Luigi442wii on Kuribo64. Though I probably won't be active here as I don't really understand technology in terms of hardware-related stuff I really am liking melonDS so far, it's a very promising and progressing emulator project. ;)

Posted on 10-02-17 01:20 PM Link | #363
I can change your name there so you have the same one everywhere, but please decide on a name and don't change constantly.


PeeJay Bonobo
Posted on 10-03-17 01:05 AM Link | #365
Hey, guys, this is PeeJay Bonobo from YouTube/Twitch/Smashcast/the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed community, and I'm here to monitor the progress of melonDS. You may not see me post much.
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