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Posted on 11-12-20 07:10 AM Link | #2719
If you'd like to translate melonDS, reply to this thread with:

- the language(s) you want to translate melonDS to
- how available you can be
- ways to contact you outside of this board

You can PM me if you're not comfortable with publicly posting contact info.


Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 11-12-20 08:34 AM Link | #2724
I can translate melonDS into german, I think I don't need to answer the remaining questions :D

Take me to your heart / never let me go!

"clearly you need to mow more lawns and buy a better pc" - Hydr8gon

Posted on 11-12-20 08:40 AM (rev. 2 of 11-12-20 08:40 AM) Link | #2725
Sure I'll do Danish. You probably know the answer to all three of those already though.

Posted on 11-12-20 08:54 AM Link | #2726
I can translate to spanish. I am available full time. You can contact me in different ways (mostly via social networks, discord, Whatsapp)

Posted on 11-12-20 10:21 AM (rev. 2 of 11-12-20 10:22 AM) Link | #2727
I could translate to Hebrew.
I am availablemostly for fridays and saturdays.
You can contact me here and on Discord my username is Sorer#9489 (I can also be on IRC if needed).
I already translated another emulator by using QT linguist so it won't be my first time.

Posted on 11-12-20 03:10 PM Link | #2728
I can translate to Turkish (maybe)
I will be unavailable all time (lol) but you can reach me on WhatsApp and if emulator updated, I can look into it.

How many text/phrases in this emu btw? If its not too much, I can handle.

Posted on 11-12-20 11:32 PM Link | #2731
I can do Greek
I won't lie, technical terms don't translate very well, and I would be using my fair share of Google translate, but I'm fluent in terms of sentence structure. Availability isn't an issue, winter break is coming up, and I hang around the forum for updates anyway, so maintenance long term is fine. Plus I'm a big fan of the emulator, and of your work.
email is

Posted on 11-13-20 03:45 AM Link | #2733
1. I can translate melonDS into the Portuguese language (PT-BR).
2. I'm available almost all the time.
3. One way to contact me would be by e-mail.

Posted on 11-13-20 08:04 AM Link | #2738
I can translate the emulator into Italian. I study in university, but I can dedicate a good amount of time into the project. Me best way to contact me is through Discord (SSUPII#2141).

Mr. Aim
Posted on 11-13-20 09:14 AM Link | #2739
Hello there, I would like to help on the translation, and I make it in bullet from making it easier for you to read.

-I can translate to Malay

-I am mostly free, unless:-
-I somehow got a new job or
-I got to continue on my studies, both which I will inform
if I do

-you can contact me through telegram @AimanOrange

I would just like to help as best I can, so thank you for reading ^^

Posted on 11-16-20 09:15 AM (rev. 2 of 11-16-20 09:37 AM) Link | #2757
I'd be happy to translate MelonDS into Swedish, which is my mother tongue.

I'm available all the time!

Discord: Comlud#0043

Posted on 11-16-20 05:05 PM Link | #2758
I can do Dutch (and Lojban), and you know the answer to the other questions I think.

TiTAN Forever

Posted on 11-19-20 07:14 PM (rev. 2 of 11-19-20 07:15 PM) Link | #2821
- I can translate to Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).
- From 06:00pm to 00:00am GMT-3.
- You can contact me via discord: Predo#4659, or via E-mail:

Posted on 11-21-20 12:11 AM Link | #2837
Hi! I would like to help you to translate MelonDS to spanish, I'm available full time, mostly cause I work from home.
You cant contact me in any way, from e-mail and DM to facebook and whatsapp.

If there's anything else to help I would do It happily.

Posted on 11-27-20 12:20 PM Link | #2860
I can translate in French, I can send in PM the translation, but with wish type of file we'll write the translation?

Posted on 11-28-20 04:17 AM Link | #2861
pretty sure Arisotura can already take care of French

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 11-28-20 05:10 AM Link | #2862
Posted by poudink
pretty sure Arisotura can already take care of French

I can help her, so.

Posted on 12-01-20 07:26 PM Link | #2875
Hi, i'm from France and i would like to help to translate melonds into french

i'm available the most of the time

you can contact me by discord : WikANo#0525

Posted on 12-02-20 04:49 AM Link | #2878
Posted by WikANo
Hi, i'm from France and i would like to help to translate melonds into french

Sure, if you want.

Posted on 12-31-20 01:16 PM Link | #3062
Hi, I can do the work for Chinese (both Simp. & Trad.)

Feel free to contact me.

Discord: cai_miao#0861
email: gaiban[anti-spam]
(replace antispam with @)
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