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Posted on 07-16-17 01:15 AM Link | #257
melonDS 0.4 is out!

The highlights of this release are several 2D and 3D fixes and improvements, but also, working wifi multiplayer.

The full changelog is below.

• implement access modes for certain IO registers that were unhandled
• actually implement RCNT instead of hardcoding it
• wifi: emulation of multiplayer cmd/reply/ack transfers
• wifi: more accurate RFSTATUS/RFPINS
• wifi: some games can go into multiplayer now (Pictochat, NSMB, Pokémon known working)
• improved savemem detect heuristic
• implement firmware write, fix SPI bugs
• accurate emulation of 'main memory display FIFO'
• 2D: fix render/capture order
• 2D: implement mode6 large BG
• 2D: fix bitmap BG sizes
• 2D: fix rotscaled bitmap sprites
• 3D: fix missing term in MatrixTranslate
• 3D: fix toon highlight mode
• 3D: fix boxtest bug
• 3D: accurate viewport transform
• 3D: polygon Y-sorting
• 3D: more accurate interpolation, still not perfect
• 3D: more accurate Z and W transforms, fix some cases of Z-fighting
• 3D: separate polygonID attributes for opaque and translucent pixels
• 3D: start documenting and implementing depth test edge cases
• emulate delays for SPI transfers and div/sqrt
• misc bugfixes/additions as usual

pile of copypasta

[image] [image] [image]

How to use

melonDS requires BIOS/firmware dumps from a DS. You can dump them with the following dumper.

The files must be placed in the same directory as the melonDS executable, as follows:

* bios7.bin -- ARM7 BIOS, 16KB
* bios9.bin -- ARM9 BIOS, 4KB
* firmware.bin -- firmware, 256KB or 512KB

Note: the DS-mode firmware in the 3DS isn't bootable. It only contains the bare minimum required to run DS games. Be sure to enable direct game boot when using a firmware dump from a 3DS.


Emulation: settings related to emulation. For now it lets you enable direct game boot (directly runs the game instead of going through the firmware) and the threaded 3D renderer.

There's also a wifi-related setting (which only ended up there because I'm lazy and I need to redo the UI). You should try toggling it if you have trouble getting multiplayer working.

Input: allows you to configure keyboard and joystick input. You can change a mapping by clicking the corresponding entry, then pressing a keyboard key or joystick button. For now, joystick input uses the first joystick available if multiple joysticks are plugged.

If your game fails to save

Check the size of the savefile. melonDS can, in some circumstances, misdetect the save memory type.

Save memory type detection is done only when no existing savefile is present.

If you provide an existing savefile with the correct size, melonDS will use the correct save memory type and saving should work properly.


* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit

If you feel generous

melonDS Patreon

Have fun! :D


Posted on 07-16-17 03:00 AM (rev. 3 of 07-16-17 03:03 AM) Link | #258
ty!, im testing some games but i cant find where to change the language for some EU multi5 games. (like professor layton) there is an option in the melonds?

update: NVM i found it! click on RUN to load the bios & change the language :)

Posted on 07-16-17 05:52 PM Link | #261
i5 6200U Nvidia 940M
Boot directly

Golden Sun no more startscreen flickers, but it runs at 5FPS
Maze of Fate cant see bottom screen
Final Fantasy IV can see all NPC´s (v0.3 not) but the sound is very slow
Castlevania - POR i delete the save file and it works :)

PS: Thanks for your great work. I cant wait for a final version :D :D :D[/b]

Posted on 07-17-17 03:50 PM Link | #263
Nice! Awesome work. You'll never fail to impress me :P


Posted on 07-20-17 01:40 AM Link | #266
Is there some kind of list of options and features that are planned or in the works? I'd like to make a suggestion or two but I figure that might get annoying if people keep asking about stuff that's already being worked on, heh (for example, the option to allow keyboard input to work when the game window doesn't have focus.)

I probably won't be using this quite yet for my general DS emulation uses, but this looks very promising and very close to what I was hoping to see already (blew my expectations out of the water, to be honest.)

Looking forward to future releases. There's still some sound issues with minor crackling and stuff but I'm sure that'll get resolved in time and hopefully we can have this running at a much more stable 60FPS :p

Posted on 07-20-17 03:03 PM Link | #268
Very good performance in most games, like Bomberman land 1+2 DS, keep it up!

Posted on 07-21-17 02:48 AM Link | #269
Posted by Ammako
the option to allow keyboard input to work when the game window doesn't have focus.

Is that even possible?

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 07-22-17 03:57 AM Link | #272
Posted by poudink
Is that even possible?

Plenty of emulators have that.

Posted on 07-30-17 06:57 AM Link | #285

And I have the files in the folder where I'm running it from.


I'm using a 64-bit Windows 7 PC. What gives?

Posted on 07-30-17 08:38 AM Link | #286
Your bios7 and bios9 have a extension of .rom, but it's supposed to be .bin.

Posted on 07-30-17 04:56 PM Link | #290
Yeah, I can't believe I didn't realize that. Anyway, I renamed the bios file extensions to .bin & got it working.

Posted on 08-27-17 03:53 PM Link | #322
Nice the next step is to interact with real devices.

I did not know that a melon can emulate a ds

Amy Scarlett
Posted on 10-03-17 08:02 AM Link | #368
Posted by IhasABeard
Nice the next step is to interact with real devices.

I'm not sure if that would be possible.

However, nice work! I haven't checked the main site yet but is the compatibility list regularly updated atm? I don't have a real DS to check for game defects but... yeah. I'd like to try it out some time.

Also, would MelonDS be possible to compile on MacOS, or at least run in WINE? Seeing as MacOS is a fully POSIX-compatibile operating system and there is a Linux build I doubt it would be impossible :3

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