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Posted on 10-27-19 04:18 PM (rev. 2 of 10-27-19 04:20 PM) Link | #1338
Before all, I'm not good at English,plz consider it.
I am playing Pokxmon xt in Melon ds. But I want to play this game save in drastic. However, I cannot make the .sav file I made into .dsv file at the popular converting site. How can I make the convertable .sav file at Melonds? What should I do to convert Melonds's .sav file into .dsv file?

Posted on 10-27-19 04:49 PM Link | #1339
what the hell is pokemon xt

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 10-28-19 10:21 AM Link | #1340
pokemon pt

Posted on 10-28-19 06:59 PM Link | #1341
Drastic use the same type of .dsv file that Desmume does, there's a simple way of converting because of that. Download the newest version of Desmume(either by their site or their buildbot), after that execute Desmume for the first time, once you've done it, go to the battery folder desmume created, place your .sav file there, then open Desmume again and open the rom with the same filename as the .sav(if the .sav is named “example.sav”, the rom should be named “example.nds”) once the game opens, you can close the emulator. After this process, go to the battery folder again, there you gonna find both your old .sav and a newly converted .dsv one, this .dsv file can be used on Drastic.

Main - General - Guys, plz help me export the file Hide post layouts | New reply

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