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Posted on 06-01-19 07:34 AM Link | #1057
I have read several discussions, but I still haven't been able to get wifi to work on melonds. Can anyone help me set everything up so I can make it work? I installed ncap and its ncap loopback adapter, i run melonds with admin permission, i use the ethernet connection, but it still doesn't work. In the wifi setting in direct mode, i have selected my ethernet connection, but error 52000 continues to come out.

Posted on 06-01-19 07:46 AM Link | #1058
Restart the PC or MelonDS.
And be sure that you selected the winpcap API compatible mode when you installed npcap.

Posted on 06-01-19 08:03 AM Link | #1059
I restarted the PC and nothing changed, i selected the winpcap API compatible mode. Do I need to change any settings on the network cards?

Posted on 06-01-19 08:06 AM Link | #1060
No you just need it to be on the Ethernet adapter.
I also sometimes get 52000 errors myself for no reason.
It got fixed randomly for me.

Posted on 06-01-19 08:14 AM Link | #1061
Ok everything worked, thanks. I reinstalled ncap and everything worked

Main - General - Help for setting melonds New reply

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