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Posted on 09-28-18 12:01 PM (rev. 2 of 09-28-18 12:02 PM) Link | #671
Hello, I can't trade my pokemons, It's display that error:

I can see the other player and interact with him, but it seems like the game broke because its the same save, It's there a way to create another instance of pokemon with independent save file?

Posted on 10-18-18 08:01 AM Link | #683
copy your ROM to another folder (or a different filename)

a bit sucky but for now that will do the trick


Posted on 04-25-19 01:17 PM Link | #1023
I have the same problem with pokemon diamond and pokemon perl. When I try to trade between these games one of them give that problem and I cant enter in the union place. I have tried to change the name and the file but it doent work.
What should I do?

Posted on 04-25-19 04:09 PM Link | #1024
Are you trying to trade using WFC or Ni-Fi(Local Wireless Communications)?

Posted on 04-25-19 06:13 PM (rev. 2 of 04-26-19 02:19 PM) Link | #1028
I actually think trading over WFC with 2 instances is more viable then local wifi if
you know how to set it up.

Posted on 04-26-19 08:26 AM Link | #1031
Sorry for my english, now I think is a problem with mi processor. I will try to use wfc.

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Main - Compatibility / Testing - Pokemon HeartGold (Trade problem) New reply

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