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Posted on 01-03-18 11:39 PM Link | #481
So I'm trying to trade some Pokemon between Diamond and Platinum, which is slow, but successful until the end of the trading animation, in which there is a communication error.

I don't see anyone with a fix to this, maybe it's just me?

Posted on 01-03-18 11:42 PM Link | #482
Download melonDS 0.4, disable the framerate limiter for both games (press tab), the trade should now succeed.

Posted on 01-04-18 12:03 AM (rev. 2 of 01-04-18 12:03 AM) Link | #483
It just freezes at "You want to trade, huh? Sure, just hold on a second."

Also, pressing tab does nothing to the framerate. It's always slow no matter what.

Posted on 01-04-18 12:04 AM Link | #484
It does in melonDS 0.4, but you'll probably need to be able to run the game at way above full speed for this to work.

Posted on 01-04-18 12:05 AM Link | #485
Must be because the only 64-bit computer I have is a laptop that is bad at running games.

Posted on 01-04-18 07:31 PM Link | #486
Additional details: It always freezes, but not at the same point.

Posted on 03-21-18 07:26 PM Link | #579
I have the same problem who can help me please

pokemon gamer
Posted on 12-23-20 06:45 AM Link | #3000
[hi guys,i am pokemon gamer from india .i know your all problems and finally made solution for it.just delete any version of melonds u are playing and download melonds 0.4 just place your sav file and the game file in the same directory.then open your rom and it will start and u can continue from where u saved last.just then come to the union room.and put the framelimiter order to do that,press TAB on your keybord.then you will see that your game has become fast.then u can just communicate with yourself via opening the same emulattor twice.and then trade.also,during trading put your internet connection off from computer.otherwise it will fail.then just click on trade and u can trade with yourself and evolve the pokemon u want or just trade.i thought about sharing this to u all because i was haing problems in gen 4 too.but using this method,i was finally able to do so.i finally was able to evolve my haunter to gengar at level 26.thanks for reading..................... :D

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 12-23-20 07:08 AM Link | #3001
where did you get the idea to use such an ancient version? Not using the latest version is a bad idea for so many reasons.

Take me to your heart / never let me go!

"clearly you need to mow more lawns and buy a better pc" - Hydr8gon

Posted on 12-23-20 08:03 AM (rev. 3 of 12-23-20 08:05 AM) Link | #3004
Nadia highlighted this in the first reply too. Probably something was changed in the later versions and broke something specific to trading in these games.

On a note, pokemon gamer, nice job getting the 3000th post - you should try to format it in a slightly more readable way, though. Also, interesting note about turning off the internet connection - has this been tried in a more recent version?

melons aren't leather seats, or CD players, but they're DS emulators - apparently

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 12-23-20 08:07 AM Link | #3005
Pokemon games aren't exactly rarely tested. Local wireless is admittedly a bit finnicky, but if it broke four releases ago we would have noticed.

Could it be possible that it didn't work in 0.9 because you forgot to enable mac address randomisation?

Take me to your heart / never let me go!

"clearly you need to mow more lawns and buy a better pc" - Hydr8gon

Posted on 01-07-21 01:23 PM Link | #3097
I've had the same problem until I turned off audio sync and frame limiting

Posted on 01-20-21 12:05 PM Link | #3152
I have noticed the same since 0.8> version. Trading in link room used to work flawlessly but not now.

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