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Posted on 04-01-17 04:23 AM Link | #24
We may as well have a general chat thread, as many other boards do.
So...hi! :D

Amy Scarlett
Posted on 10-02-17 12:25 PM Link | #362
Surprised nobody has responded to this yet - I guess I will say hi too, although I don't know you very well. Though, neither do you. ;3

Posted on 10-02-17 07:09 PM Link | #364
This board mostly serves for support wrt melonDS, so... yeah


Amy Scarlett
Posted on 10-03-17 07:59 AM Link | #367
"wrt"? That has got to be one of the best typos I've seen. :3

But yea, it wouldn't hurt to get a bit of community going here :)

Posted on 02-26-19 03:51 PM Link | #878
So Arisotura,

I really wonder how you got started with programming and emulation.
And also what other projects you've been up to, other than emulators.

I've been programming in c++ for about 3 years now and it's awesome!

/Loyal melonDS fan

Posted on 02-26-19 11:20 PM Link | #879
I'm mostly self-taught. got interested into things like emulation, level editors, etc... that are technically cool and make use of things the way they weren't intended, etc



Posted on 02-28-19 03:57 PM Link | #880
That's amazing!

The one thing that I really want to do is to play New Super Mario Bros over internet with some buddies,
and with hacked multiplayer levels!
I've already done some small hacks, but it's the multiplayer feature that's ain't working now, and I'm really happy to see
melonDS being updated!

You're the best!

(post deleted) #3943

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