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Posted on 12-19-17 02:39 AM Link | #460
so yeah

Nothing too new though, it had already been done before with DeSmuME.

Anyway, a couple things about this.

* It's the same old "emulated AP + libpcap" setup. You know what they say, why fix it if it ain't broke?

* No need to choose between separate "adhoc/infrastructure" modes like in DeSmuME. The emulated AP runs alongside the rest.

* So far melonDS's wifi stack seems to be robust. I was able to stay connected to the IRC server for one hour, and it didn't disconnect or anything.

* I was also able to connect to an altWFC server, but there was nobody online.

* You don't need to seek an obscure, unofficial wifi-enabled build.

* You need a network adapter that supports promsicuous mode and raw packet injection, and doesn't get in the way. Some adapters will overwrite the 'source MAC' field of outgoing packets, which will interfere with melonDS's thing.


Posted on 12-20-17 01:43 AM Link | #466
Hey that's me

Posted on 12-20-17 01:50 PM Link | #467
Sweet Jesus, this is good! (This is Gippy, forgot password lol)

The biggest issue with the old implementation was that wireless connections to a router were unsupported without a huge workaround, such as using the Microsoft Loopback Driver. Will this be corrected in MelonDS?

Posted on 12-20-17 08:55 PM Link | #468
I'd have to test it. I expect WinPCap to provide packets with Ethernet headers in all cases, but maybe in the case of wifi adapters it's providing 802.11 headers instead. I'd need a way to detect that and also to figure out how to make the 802.11 headers (it needs the access point's MAC address).


Posted on 12-21-17 08:28 AM Link | #470
Can i have a compiled version for win 10 x64.
I tried to compile with Codeblocks with no success

Posted on 12-27-17 11:51 PM Link | #473
Hello, could you tell me exactly how and what one needs to do to be able to connect like that?

Posted on 01-13-18 06:14 PM Link | #498
Will non-local wifi eventually work without relying on external software and become a transparent process, completely integrated into the code?

Posted on 01-16-18 11:40 AM Link | #500
Holy shit


Posted on 01-16-18 09:40 PM Link | #501
anyway, I think I found out why non-local wifi doesn't work on certain setups, mostly when a wifi connection is used.

promiscuous mode doesn't work.

which may require coding some bridge thing. dunno.


Posted on 01-17-18 10:55 AM Link | #502
Hey.Come on.You make a great job.Do what you want and all thinks be good.I hope you have allso motivation to bring melonds forward.The thing with the internet is sh... I read about the usa for example what happen today. In europe the same sh... About the wifi connection. I dont need it, the person from mgba know what happen, maybe. Two brians are better than one. Have a great time. Greetings

Posted on 03-03-18 05:12 AM Link | #553
Can't wait for the release, I may just just have to give compiling the source a try again. Thank you for your continued hard work and effort.

Posted on 04-29-18 09:02 AM (rev. 3 of 04-29-18 09:22 AM) Link | #586
What network adapter should I use? How do you get it to work? Like how do you add ethernet in WiFi settings?

Posted on 10-28-18 12:01 AM Link | #712
You have to be on a laptop and use its Ethernet port on it since it's usually considered the second adapter and as mentioned in this github post:

melonDS is currently hard-coded to use the second internet adapter for online, I'd like to know which lines in the code need to be changed to make it use the first internet adapter and as to whether that's possible without breaking the whole thing.

A feature to choose which adapter is used to connect to the internet with melonDS would be nice, but again, non-local Wi-Fi is something which will be worked down further down the line since it's incomplete so far.

TL;DR: You need a laptop with an Ethernet connection to try out melonDS's non-local Wi-Fi, otherwise you'll get a crash or error message 52000 when trying to connect to online on melonDS using a desktop PC.

PeeJay Bonobo
Posted on 10-28-18 12:21 AM Link | #713
I don't know, man. I'm using a desktop PC with Evolve and Hamachi installed, and I'm runnning Ethernet, and I'm currently searching for games on Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing right now, through MelonDS.

Posted on 10-28-18 12:26 AM Link | #714

Posted on 10-28-18 12:33 AM Link | #715
But playing the way the emulator is right isn't giving any lag? I remember that when I used to play desmume wi-fi, it used to lag on me.(sometimes just a little bit, sometimes alot).

PeeJay Bonobo
Posted on 10-28-18 12:34 AM Link | #716
So far, I haven't found anyone on AltWFC, but I can say ClIRC is working without issue.

Posted on 10-28-18 12:37 AM Link | #717
It's hard to find someone on altwfc since it got all those complicated steps that are hard to understand for non-advanced users. Back in the day, when I first tested it, I didn't found any player aswell(except for pokemon trades, these are pretty common even now).

PeeJay Bonobo
Posted on 10-28-18 12:39 AM Link | #718
I do have a couple of games we can playtest (MKDS, S&SASR), if you want.

Posted on 10-28-18 12:44 AM (rev. 2 of 10-28-18 12:45 AM) Link | #719
Fine by me, just gonna check if I still have any of these roms(lost many of them on my old hard drive). But i'm not confident since i'm not being able to reach 60fps in any game for some reason. My cpu is AMD Phenom II X2 555 3,2GHz.
Gotta a question tho, is there any discord server for this emulator?
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