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Posted on 02-12-21 02:29 PM Link | #3302
Hey everyone, this is my first time here and I need help with my emulator.
I'm using an AR cheat to force a specific pokemon encouter in white 2, but its not working.
I was able to use one cheat like this before, a feel weeks ago, but now, somehow is not working when I try again.
I click in "setup cheat codes", create a new category, ad the new AR, click in "ok" and enable cheats, but nothing is happening.
What am I doing wrong here guys ?
Thx for the help.

Posted on 02-18-21 02:15 PM Link | #3316
Are you trying to force an event encounter? If that's the case then you're probably going to need a key item made specifically for the event.
I've tested other kinds of AR codes out on DPPt and it works for me, so maybe you just used the wrong code.

Also, most codes trigger when pressing L and R and the same time if that helps.

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Posted on 06-23-21 02:22 AM Link | #3874
I have a similar problem i can't activate the secret key in pokemon platinum, can you help me?

Posted on 05-11-23 02:06 PM Link | #5990
For direct distribution events specifically I recommend PKHex. They have a wonder card database you can use to inject the card into your save file.

Main - General chatter - My cheats ( Action Replay ) dont work Hide post layouts | New reply

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