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Posted on 12-26-20 09:02 AM Link | #3023
Hello guys, I was wondering how can you transfer pokemon from platinum to black and white 2. Please help me

Posted on 01-10-21 01:48 PM (rev. 2 of 01-10-21 03:58 PM) Link | #3109
The "easy" way is to use PKHeX. But you can also go for the more "official" way, which is the Poké Transfer .

I have managed to trasfer Pokemon from HeartGold to Black on the same Windows PC with the steps below:

1. Get the latest version of melonDS from Github (not the official 0.9.1), since it has changes that have made local multiplayer more stable. I guess that they will be in the upcoming 0.9.2 (or 1.0?) release.
2. Open 2 instances of melonDS, go to Settings and turn off "Limit framerate" and "Audio sync" in order to go above 60fps. This is important because (for some technical reason that I am not an expert to explain), if at any point the fps goes below 60 in any of the 2 instances, the transfer will fail.
3. In the Wifi Settings, turn on the "Randomize MAC address" and in Emu Settings turn off the "Boot game directly"
4. In the first instance, open the Gen5 game (e.g. Pokemon Black) and go to the Poké Transfer Lab. Keep in mind that you must have beaten the Elite Four and obtain the National Pokedex.
5. Talk to the guy on top of the stairs, until the game shows a message informing you to insert a Gen4 game to the other DS.
6. Now, load the Gen4 game (e.g. Pokemon Platinum) on the second melonDS instance. In the DS boot menu, instead of selecting the game, select DS Download Play. If done correctly, a Poke Transfer ID will show up. Press "Select" and "Yes".
7. Select 6 Pokemon you want to transfer and play the crossbow minigame where you have to catch the Pokemon before time runs out. Unfortunately, because the game runs at high FPS (for the reason mentioned above), it is very hard to catch them all in one try, so good luck.
8. After the minigame, both games save your progress and ask you if you want to play again. After you exit, the Gen4 game must be closed and the Gen5 returns to the lab. The Pokemon you managed to catch must be in your box.

Keep in mind, that it took me 3-4 times to get it to work. I tried enabling "Limit FPS" during the minigame, in order to be less difficult, but every time I did it, the game freeze when saving.

Main - Compatibility / Testing - How to transfer pokemon from platinum to bw2 Hide post layouts | New reply

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