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Posted on 09-18-17 06:15 PM Link | #339
This is a list for possible optimizations for MelonDS that could hopefully not affect the accuracy which users can submit ideas.

Im thinking that loading is quite the bottleneck right now, its making some games, particularly the 2D Mega Man games unplayable since they constantly load.

Posted on 09-18-17 11:30 PM Link | #340
The best thing to do there will be optimizing the core.

Loading data from the cart is done word by word, and melonDS emulates the read delays.

I don't remember getting a speed hit when I implemented that, though, so I doubt speedhacking it will make it faster. It's just that when the game is loading data, it typically uses the CPU at 100%, which puts more strain on the emulator.


Main - General - Possible Optimizations List New reply

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