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Posted on 08-16-17 12:22 AM Link | #314
I had heard about melonDS' WiFi capabilities and was able to play online with 2 instances of the emulator on my computer but I was curious if I would be able to do it from 2 different PCs not on the same network. I was hoping to be able to play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl along side a friend who lives in Florida, I live in New York, though I don't know how to go about doing this. Maybe if its LAN only we could use something like Hamachi? Any help would be appreciated and if it is even possible would be nice to know too. This is a great project and I'd like to see it go farther! Thank you!

Posted on 08-16-17 03:21 AM Link | #315
You can always try, but I highly doubt it'll work. It was tested over LAN and it doesn't work that well.


Main - General - Questions about WiFi Capabilities New reply

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