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Posted on 06-12-20 12:27 PM Link | #1868
Just saying because there have been several occurences of people contacting me via private messages to help them with something. While it's a good way to get my attention, I can't answer all the questions, I'm no magical encyclopedia.

So it's better if you ask publicly in the forums. This lets more people from the community help you, and they may come up with better answers than I can.

That being said, if your questions aren't getting answers, it's okay to bring them up to me, or anybody else in the melonDS team, via PM or IRC.

Thank you.


Posted on 01-23-21 01:52 AM Link | #3179
I'm not sure how to make a public forum.

Posted on 05-21-21 02:32 PM Link | #3764
Hi there! your emulator is great for my potato computer, really good! ther's just one problem I found. The emulator don't work with a "third party" controller. When you try to conect it, the emulator don't open or it crashes. that's all!

Posted on 05-21-21 02:58 PM Link | #3765
Do you mean for the Switch version? I have no idea what a "first party" controller would be on a PC. Maybe an Xbox controller if you use Windows?

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 05-23-21 02:32 AM Link | #3772
it's a thrid party. It's a knockof USB controller. And yes, using a original XBOX, PS3 or PS2 (with adaptor) controller is usable.
Posted on 03-19-22 04:19 AM Link | #5072
Hey guys,

Does anyone have any command lines for the newest version of melonds 0.9.4 to dowload it using linux, i can only find command lines for 0.9.1

Posted on 02-20-24 04:46 AM Link | #6444
what do you mean by command lines? as in you want to install the new version of melonDS? if so you can't do that you will need to download the newer version from this site ( i know this is a late reply)
(post deleted) #6634

Main - Announcements - PSA: when asking for help, do so in the forums Hide post layouts | New reply

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