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Which type(s) of UI would you prefer?
Single window
63.9% (23)
Video window + game library window
33.3% (12)
Video window + debugger window
8.3% (3)
Other (describe in post)
5.6% (2)
Multiple voting is allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 36 users have voted so far.

Posted on 05-28-17 12:44 PM Link | #162
So it's time to work on the melonDS UI.

There are ideas to repurpose the useless window, but I first want to see what the people think. Note that for now we're ignoring the console window, which could be disabled at build time.

* Single window

What most emulators use. One window with the video output and menus.

* Video window + game library window

Is what I envisioned. The useless window in the current UI would list games, akin to Dolphin.

* Video window + debugger window

Akin to NeonDS or NO$GBA debugger. Less user-friendly.

* Other

Describe what you'd like in a post.


Possibility of splitting the video output into separate windows is a separate issue, and would be applicable to any of the options above.

I could look into ways to duplicate the menu bar across multiple windows. Would be particularly convenient for OSX-style interfaces where the menu goes in the top bar.


Posted on 05-28-17 02:49 PM Link | #163
I'd like something that's more like project 64, with the game library and the video in the same window.

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 05-28-17 02:55 PM Link | #164
well, that's essentially the single window option -- the window can be filled with anything when there's no game running


Posted on 05-28-17 09:42 PM (rev. 2 of 05-28-17 10:12 PM) Link | #165
If you went with a game library and game window, don't forget about people that use frontends. By making a command line option to skip the game library window and go fullscreen with the game window, just like dolphin has. Otherwise I think single window is best.

Also if its single window, give an option like citra to have one screen massive and the other in the corner of the window.

Posted on 05-28-17 10:05 PM (rev. 3 of 05-28-17 10:09 PM) Link | #166

I really hope you won't be taking to heart suggestions to stop UI design development on standalone altogether or any development outside of what could be useful for Retroarch. The command lines are still there for frontend users and maybe keeping an alternate barebones menu-less mode for them the way it is right now could satisfy their needs. But UI development shouldn't stagnate the way it is right now just because of that. That's really limiting the scope of this project's potential and an awful idea all around.

For regular use cases (playing games), I suggest something as flexible (or more) as No$Zoomer.
The sub-screens may be either independant (allowing for dual monitor gameplay) or in the same window with many options (horizontal, vertical w/ or without separator, or single screen - first two options may also have ratios for one subscreen bigger than the other, adjusting the position of the subscreens and filling the extra useless space w/ some static or scrolling bitmap background).

One more thing, thinking forwards, is that DSi Camera emulation possibly in the future could require a third subscreen showing the webcam input, so you'd have a big subscreen and two smaller subscreens fitting nicely. IDeaS tried this, but it would be cool to see this concept fulfilling its potential finally with something working. You could use that extra subscreen for:
- the logging console
- the solar sensor status for lunar legends (j) version
- the cheat engine (Snes9X search for cheats in "active" mode), or for watching addresses
- vram viewers for tile memory, 3D, OAM / BG arrangements, a translucent hex editor... Basically, a competent debugger on a non-buggy emulator like NO$GBA. Of course, especially traces and breakpoints and disassemblers (something like the one on PPSSPP) would be a godsend too.

For the menus, something like PPSSPP with ideas from the Dolphin game library (in "same window as game render" option, since DS has too many screens as it is already), which you can switch back and forth using a dedicated pause hotkey (that could act optionally like a close lid key as a side effect, but should not be the only way to close the lid), could be elegant.
I can see many parameters set up in that view:
- the Slot-2 GBA cartridge used, if any
- whether the game boots in TWL or DSI mode
- language, and DS model (backlight/iQue/etc)

Posted on 05-29-17 09:44 AM Link | #168
Oh by the way, since the reddit thread asploded, I feel like mentioning this:

Just because Retroarch exists doesn't mean we'll give up all work on an independent UI.

(speaking of which, I wonder why Twinaphex keeps working on that if he a) hates all emu devs, b) thinks all emulators only exist to enable piracy and c) doesn't know shit about emulation. humans are a mystery)

The UI work will begin with version 0.4. This will give us more time to collect opinions etc.


Posted on 05-29-17 09:57 AM Link | #169
Yeah I saw what was going on with reddit and thats why I decided to comment here. But I'm very glad to hear that an independent UI won't be given up as alot of people seem to dislike retroarch.

Posted on 05-29-17 10:27 AM Link | #171

Speaking as someone with multiple monitors, it would be amazing if there was an option for each screen to be an individual window.

So i could use one screen for the top and one for the bottom.

Posted on 05-29-17 10:35 AM Link | #172
Posted by StapleButter
Possibility of splitting the video output into separate windows is a separate issue, and would be applicable to any of the options above.


Posted on 06-11-17 07:07 PM Link | #186
I think either a single screen with menus, kinda like desmume, or a single screen where the menus appear on a hotkey, like ZSNES
But that would probably force you to use SDL for the UI, creating a lot more work.

Posted on 06-28-17 06:46 AM Link | #241
double game window

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