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Posted on 05-26-17 02:19 AM (rev. 4 of 12-31-18 05:37 PM) Link | #159
A list of issues that come from the games themselves, and do happen when playing on a DS. Intended to avoid chasing phantom bugs.


Flickering: may happen on a DS, it is attenuated by the LCD lag. Typically used to simulate transparency (NSMB coin bubbles) or cheap antialiasing/filtering (Picross 3D).

Slight flickering also happens when 3D is displayed on both screens: 3D graphics are 18-bit, but the capture degrades it to 15-bit. On hardware this is completely attenuated by the LCD lag.

Mario Kart DS

Kart shadows look wrong under certain angles. This is a limitation of DS shadows; those work best with convex shadow shapes (which MKDS kart shadows aren't).

Super Mario 64 DS

If you notice a blending issue, be sure to check against hardware before reporting. This likely applies to a lot of other DS games too.

The game is full of glitches. Be sure to check against that list if you observe abnormal behavior.

Rayman DS

First level, when you meet the Globox kids. Missing polygons on Rayman. Also happens on hardware.


Cube shadow is glitched and has very poor draw distance. Also happens on hardware.


Posted on 05-30-17 01:16 AM Link | #173
Thanks. I guess I'll go through my thread to see if anyone posted these issues.

Posted on 06-29-17 06:24 PM (rev. 3 of 06-29-17 06:28 PM) Link | #245
Ultimate Mortal Kombat
Sometimes there is a visible gap between polygons on the fighters:

melonDS had a lot of problems with this game in the past where there would be gaps between basically everything. So some might assume that there were still lingering bugs in the emulator causing this, but it happens even on real hardware.

Posted on 07-21-17 07:15 PM Link | #270
It seems that Melon DS doesn't work with any MKDS ROM Hack that uses ASM Hacks,
it doesn't go passed the Nintendo Logo on these.

Posted on 07-21-17 07:39 PM Link | #271
this is the wrong thread for this


Posted on 08-03-21 12:35 AM Link | #4130

since I doesn't have a GitHub account I'm reporting this issue here : Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood isn't compatible. The first few cutscenes works fines as well as the first piece of dialogue but the game crashes during one of the tutorial cutscene. The FPS are now reported to be 4 on the USA rom and 9 on the EU despite both crashing at the exact same time. I couldn't do nothing about and the game didn't crash at all when I was using another emulator.

Someone had the same issue ? Can somebody report this on GitHub for me ?

Posted on 08-03-21 02:59 AM Link | #4132
I believe it's already been reported.
A timing issue. Might get fixed with the timing renovation in the timing17 branch once it's complete. Apparently the game also works fine on melonDS 0.7.2.

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Posted on 08-03-21 05:58 PM Link | #4139
You're right I've tried it on the 0.7.2 version and it works okay but the game is extremely laggy, is there a way I can config this version of the emulator to run smoother as I wasn't able to find anything to do it ?

Posted on 08-04-21 02:09 AM (rev. 2 of 08-04-21 02:09 AM) Link | #4141
I think the only thing 0.7.2 has to boost speed is the threaded renderer, which is enabled by default.

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Posted on 09-03-21 03:07 PM (rev. 2 of 09-03-21 03:08 PM) Link | #4396
Posted by random_name
You're right I've tried it on the 0.7.2 version and it works okay but the game is extremely laggy, is there a way I can config this version of the emulator to run smoother as I wasn't able to find anything to do it ?

Computer specs? I'm wondering if your PC is even powerful enough to run the emulator. That could be why you have lag, because your processor isn't good enough.

Posted on 09-03-21 08:24 PM Link | #4403
Well, 0.7.2 had neither the JIT nor the hardware renderer, so slowness isn't too surprising.

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Posted on 09-11-21 07:06 AM Link | #4448
In the pi 4 Final fantasy crystal Chronicles echoes of time is unplayable, New Super Mario bros is totally playable but it is slow on cutscenes and the map

Posted on 05-23-22 06:14 PM Link | #5262
Hello, I have problems with the inputs, there is a massive delay and if it comes in it keep scrolling through the menu.

I have tried to fix it by installing a copy, but it didn't work.

I hope someone has a way to solve it.

Posted on 04-02-23 10:57 PM Link | #5944
This zone is broken on DSEMU and No$GBA, however, it does work on melonDS it just looks bugged. At least game doesn't crash and I can still move around to proceed which I appreciate.

The game is Rockman EXE - Operate Shooting Star (Translated)

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Posted on 04-02-23 11:23 PM Link | #5945
assuming it's a fan translation, does the issue also happen in the original (untranslated version)? Also was the translation ever tested on real hw?

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Posted on 04-03-23 06:40 PM Link | #5946
Please help, Pokemon HeartGold will not save no matter how many times or different ways I try to do it. In game saves don't work. And save states don't work.

Posted on 10-23-23 05:52 AM Link | #6271
the game is castle of magic
the game forgot to drow a bubble contains seward fish to break through blocks
also i am trying to TAS this game since last year it I'll be useful if the core fixed in bizhawk too

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