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Posted on 12-12-19 02:13 PM Link | #1415
Are we going to have the options to use cheats in the near future?

As an example i'll use the pokemon games, in other emulators we have the tab that allows us to activate cheats for shiny, rare candy and so on.
So i would like to know if we will ever get it and if it were possible for us to then trade the pokemon we have cheated to our actual ds games?

Posted on 12-12-19 03:53 PM Link | #1416
it's planned, in somewhat near future


Posted on 02-18-20 08:47 AM Link | #1492
Sorry, I am aware that there have already been discussions on this topic and these questions are posted quite frequently. But, I suppose, to make sure the melonDS developers haven't forgotten (sweat:smile), I just was hoping that another release of melonDS would be coming out with cheats? Drastic DS is one of the few DS emulators that support this function, and it would be great if melonDS would be able to get this. This emulator is moving rapidly and better than any other DS emulator out there (other than Drastic) and I love the work you guys are doing. Not forcing this on you, just hoping that we could get this.


Posted on 02-18-20 08:48 AM Link | #1493


Posted on 08-19-22 10:12 PM Link | #5486
How to add cheats on MelonDs on pokemon heartgold?

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