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Posted on 10-19-19 02:20 AM (rev. 3 of 10-19-19 02:31 AM) Link | #1317
Hello, I would like to say this emulator is spectacular and I am quite pleased with the wi-fi capabilities. I have a save file from DesMuMe for Pokemon Platinum that I would like to import to MelonDS for two reasons:
1) I was farther along in DesMuMe before finding out about MelonDS and wanted to use the wi-fi capabilities.
2) DesMuMe has a simple way to use Action Replay codes, which I use to access special event items like the Azure Flute.

-I have made a backup using the "Export backup" feature in DesMuMe, which is 524,288 bytes in size (exactly 512 KB).
-I have also made a .sav file using a DesMuMe savestate (.ds*), passed through the NDS converter present in this thread: . The edit is 2,048 KB large (2,097,152 bytes, also a power of 2).

I am wondering though, where are .sav written to and read from in MelonDS, if they are? I have tried using the save-game feature in the pokemon game to see if one shows up in the folder with the melonDS.exe executable, or if it shows up in the folder where the ROM file is kept (the ROM is a .nds file). I have also tried placing the ROM in the same folder as the melonDS.exe executable, to see if it would save a .sav file there, or read a .sav file that is present in the folder. None of these things have resulted in any .sav file being created, or read. However, when working with the melonDS savestates, a "timewarp.mln" file appears in the folder with the ROM file.

I have seen a similar issue present in this thread:

So my question is, where are the saves kept, and how can I import or load my own save from DesMuMe into the game? Without being able to access these savefile features manually through the >File menu like the savestates can be, I have difficulty understanding how these files are managed automatically.

Posted on 10-19-19 08:42 AM Link | #1318
save files are placed alongside their ROM, like so:


the correct savefile size for Pokémon Platinum (CPUJ/CPUE) is 512KB.

if the 512KB file you have doesn't work, you can try the other one (the 2MB one), but you'll have to remove the upper part of it first so that it is 512KB. melonDS only accepts specific sizes for save files and 2MB isn't a valid size.

as a reference, the valid save types and sizes:

Memory type Size
EEPROM (small) 512 bytes (4 Kbit)
EEPROM 8 KB (64 Kbit)
EEPROM 64 KB (512 Kbit)
EEPROM 128 KB (1 Mbit)
FLASH 256 KB (2 Mbit)
FLASH 512 KB (4 Mbit)
FLASH 1 MB (8 Mbit)
FLASH 8 MB (64 Mbit)
NAND 32 MB (256 Mbit)


Posted on 10-19-19 09:49 AM Link | #1320
Excellent, thank you very much.

I have tried different ROMs as well, the .sav file utility works with "Advanced Wars: Dual Strike", and also works when saving in-game in the Diamond version of Pokemon. I will continue to try to find how the different emulators are compatible with their saves and figure out how I should truncate the Platinum save, if truncation is what would create the desired result. So far, I have not been able to transfer any save files. Perhaps something is off with the way that DesMuMe interacts with its memory. In any case, I will try what you have said here and report the results.

Posted on 10-20-19 06:04 PM Link | #1322
It seems like how DesMuMe saves and exports files is the issue. Even the NDS converter I used on this site did not let it work, perhaps I will need to try a couple different converters.

However, I found the .sav files appearing next to the ROM files when saving in-game, and the saves loaded. The only tricky part now is being able to convert the DesMuMe save correctly into something that melonDS will read. I have tried cutting out the whole first section of the hex code until there was 512KB left (from "point 0" - "point X" to get 512KB). However, that did not work either, I will continue to look at how melonDS saves look and how that relates to the DesMuMe exports.

Posted on 10-23-19 11:23 PM Link | #1327
Would you be okay with uploading your .dsv?

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